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  • Thanks. It'll be scheduled to be picked up at ~6pm today. It says it'll arrive by end of day tomorrow. I got the exact same lights- except 6' long. You'll see some stickers and stuff on the box. I really like the way that tanks look with the mh/t5 combo. Let me know when it arrives and that it made it in great condition.
    Money has been sent. Please let me know when it goes out. Thank you again. I will let you know when they arrive. BTW what lights did you get?

    Also, need your name, phone #, address for the UPS labels
    Shipping is $62 thru UPS, but let's stick with $550 total.
    Just got visual confirmation from my wife that the boxes were delivered today.
    If you send payment, I can have them out by tomorrow. You'll have them Thursday.
    Finally got an updated shipping estimate from FedEx- tomorrow(Tuesday) by end of day.
    Assuming it comes this time when they say, i'll pack up this fixture and have it out to you Wednesday night. I am going to use UPS to send this to you- more reliable. Still $550. You'll then have it Thursday by end of day.
    I can definitely relate. I have had my own bad experiences with Fedex. I will wait till you get the boxes if you don't mind. Just let me know when to send the money and I will. I hope your lights arrive soon. There's nothing worse than waiting for something that's supposed to be there. I will wait to hear from you. You can pm me or send me an email at mpaynejr@msn.com.

    my (wife's) paypal account is: jrigatti@sbschools.org
    i just filed a complaint with FedEx since my shipment changed from "arriving by end of day" to "no scheduled delivery date available at this time". i am at Fedex's mercy to get those boxes to me to reuse to ship this to you. if you want to wait to send the payment until i have the boxes, that is fine. I'll post in the forums that has been sold.
    $550.00 sounds good to me. 3 boxes work. I know boxing it up isn't always easy especially when dealing with fragile contents. So as long as it's well packaged I am good. Plus I can tell the wife it was less than expected on the shipping.
    I live in Manalapan NJ (07726).
    My 6' fixture was supposed to arrive today, but FedEx has not shown up yet. I'll package this fixture for you in those boxes. There might only be the need for 3 boxes, instead of the 4 that are arriving today. I am guessing 1 box for each of the 2 ballasts + 1 box for the fixture. Assuming so, it'll be 1 less box and shipping would be less also. Wanna call it $550 or wanna wait til i have the boxes and quote from FedEx?
    Good deal. I'll take it. I can do Paypal. Please send me your Paypal address and I will send the money right away. Thanks

    I am interested in you fixture. What would be your best price with shipping to zip code 20715? Please let me know.


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