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    is it election time?

    Plug you into the chatter [emoji1360] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    is it election time?

    Start tomorrow 9 am?
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    is it election time?

    You coming back?
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    Kraash Bash!!!!!!!! 3-12-11

    The OG SLASH days! RIP Ranginute
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    RIP Ranginute “Randy Wolfe” OG SLASH'r

    Keeping Kristina "koostina" & family in our thoughts and prayers. Randy was one of our originals that moved from the area, yet still stayed in touch. He was a guy that was larger than life, someone who leaves lasting memories of good times in your heart. An amazing man who was always big on...
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    Spring Frag-stravaganza Raffle

    We can take care of all of that on Saturday.
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    Spring Frag-stravaganza Raffle

    The club has chosen the ApexEL for the member's only raffle item. Please make sure you scan the QR code at the event validating your member information, it is just that easy to enter.
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    Spring Frag-stravaganza Raffle

    Raffle Announcement
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    Something happening

    only the strong survive...
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    Spring 2021 SLASH Frag Swap!! Saturday, April 10th

    This is shaping up to be an excellent show. The club is working with Reefing USA to bring in some awesome corals from out of town friendly faces. We've already had several locals sign up. Looking forward to it. Space is limited, went fast and we've already reached the bubble spot to start a...