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    For Sale

    I just got back from Scotts... The pieces he has for sale are "display" quality... just amazingly healthy tank and very mature pieces... if you are looking for frags? wrong side of the tracks.. want some centerpieces? this is a good start... Thank you Scott... if I can open up some...
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    UrbanSage's 270 Gallon in Wall Reef Adventure.

    some nice pics! love that sea fan :)
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    Which dims for a 300 square...

    I like the deeper tanks myself 48/48/30 and then put a center overflow (very center of tank) in aquascaping to keep the visible clutter and equipment to a minimum.. Deeper tank is a bit of a hassle for working on but I think the looks are worth it.. (my current is 31" deep)
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    HELP - Float switch failed, topped-off lots of kalk

    I have dosed kalkwasser for years and have mitigated my problems by limiting the amount available at any one time.. My system doses only at night for XX minutes per hour via digital timer and one of the tiny water pumps (converted air pump). I can load 2 days worth of solution at a time...
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    benifits of dosing tank with vadka

    well at least this place has not lost its sense of humor :) glad to see you still working away Waterkeeper..
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    benifits of dosing tank with vadka

    Make sure you take fishy's keys away too...
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    Tank cleared up. Please ID What I found. PICS

    looks like a pretty fresh setup.. I would pull the rock out that has the Aiptasia and hit the sucker with boiling water.. They can spread very easily and quickly... if you fragment the little sucker at all trying to inject it.. you are going to have lots more.. Would be very lucky if that is...
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    Elegance Dead within 2 weeks

    Great shot Paul :) so whats a grey bearded amphipod look like?
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    Power Heads vs. Closed Loop System

    I really liked my Tunze units with the speed controller, but they tend to look overly large in a 4' or under tank.. sure have the easiest methods of controlling rate and direction of flow.. only other issue with them? maybe the $300 a pop? :)
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    Would you do it again?

    [welcome] Terrible investment if you are in it for that... Great hobby and IMO the key is figuring out where you want to end up.. Planning is key and to that end, you only buy things one time.. Just like getting a "55G" tank, very common for freshwater but almost a waste of money for a...
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    Power Heads vs. Closed Loop System

    well thats the first time I ever heard an Iwaki pump get dissed..
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    where is the mouth?

    it opens near the center of the animal... I used to feed mine about every 4th day at lights out.. just a few pieces of mysis
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    Burning Candles A No No?

    Ha! long time no argue there :) I try to keep my crack smoke out of the tank....
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    What is the best procedure for upgrading?

    I have seeded with a single cup... and it works fine but I ended up with "clumpy" areas of the sand bed that were slow to colonize.. I started using more seed sand and it seems to help.. May not even have anything to do with the seed sand... I would even suggest you could skip the sand all...
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    Elegance Dead within 2 weeks

    would have been nice to verify for sure.. As the experts can not really agree, it is possible that a hobbyist could provide some good data.. Always a chance they were cleaning dead tissue etc... But obviously found something they liked huh? :)