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    Wanted tunze nano skimmer

    looking for a tunze nano skimmer localy!
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    Moving to California

    Y I hope cali works out for you. it's been a pleasure watching you and your tanks. also meeting you and sharing interest in the hobby has been fantastic. sad to see you go. but wish you all the luck in the world. thanks for being a good reefer!
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    RO/DI unit for sale

    Yw anytime. save my number if you need help I'll help.
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    RO/DI unit for sale

    ok here's an up date it will be best offer. my wife didn't do a full upgrade. but here's a pic
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    RO/DI unit for sale

    90gpd unit was converted to spectrapure. clear canisters. excellent condition. I just have no use for it any more. $130 as I have a 180 gpd unit. unit is still being used so filters and cartrages don't go bad. its set up so you can use it for drinking water too.
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    My 60 gallon cube build

    very nice man. I am very impressed!
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    OT: anyone with reptiles

    aren't those poison dart frogs fishes? just wondering were you got them? I am wanting to expand my frog collection. was thinking about getting a packman frog but I am being very picky about the one I get. I also want some clown frogs.
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    OT: anyone with reptiles

    does anyone here have frogs and toads? I have leopard gecko's and a canyon tree frog. was just wondering if anyone here owned reptiles and amphibians too.
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    silicone question

    for the price you might as well call around and buy the one made for aquariums
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    Dear Santa

    Hmmm Maybe Hanky The Christmas Poo Will Bring Me A Elso70. Happy Chanukkah Every One! And A Merry Christmas. Happy Kwanza.
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    LED Question

    Well I was wondering if I could Use High Powered LED's Outside? I am doing a project. but I am running into issues on weater 1 single high powered LED will Melt PVC? do I have to Heat Sink Each LED? There Will Be A Total Of 9/ Actualy I'll Be Honest I am Jewish And I am wanting to build a new...
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    4" Crocea Clam for trade or sale

    so sad to see you get rid of him