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    Stocking Options For A 29g

    My friend has a watchmen Goby that has survived 2 tank crashes and a tank that got shattered. He had his tail eaten off by an evil cardinal fish and he is still kicking for 10 years now. Amazing little fish and tons of personality.
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    46g bowfront scorp tank

    Lol your welcome happy to help.
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    46g bowfront scorp tank

    Only been keeping lionfish for 15+ years now. Once again I will say Lionfish + Reef GENERALLY a no no. Perhaps you should read carefully ;) I have personally had lions in a reef, it depends on the nature of that particular lion. I had a Volitan that would get mad and knock corals off rocks. I...
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    46g bowfront scorp tank

    Reef with lionfish Generally a no no palmer.
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    How important is in tank flow?

    Depends on the inhabitants of the tank.
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    700 gallon Ray pond build

    I like this, shows how serious you are about rays.
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    Help! Octopus!

    Either everything is dead and he didn't feel the need to post anymore or it was false alarm.
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    700 gallon Ray pond build

    Nice post lots of updates on those Ribbontails. Interested in seeing your care for your rays. Care to post your feeding scheds, tank temp and flow control ? Also some updated gear specs :P
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    700 gallon Ray pond build

    Beautiful man, was in the process of building my own 350 gallon very shallow ray tank but Military caused change of plans. Good to see good ray tanks !
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    blue ring octopus????

    well i just tried to say sorry but apparently he doesnt care or want help from some one with experiance but once again ile try TONMO i strongly encourage all people reading this thread who are thinking or have an octo good for the experianced and inexperianced. LORDMBSA if you do decide to get...
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    blue ring octopus????

    yea im a sour grape when people get stupid and im sorry about my spelling im typing with 1 hand at 2 in the morning lol. Lordmbsa not being rude but ive told this to alot of people over the years mostly young kids who dont know anything and crackhead age usualy does have something to do with...
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    blue ring octopus????

    Well i dont know how old you are but based on your spelling im guessing young. With 2 years of hobby experiance dont think you should even get a cephalopod let alone a blue ring. People who have been keeping octos for 10 years plus dont keep them. Octos that are available in the hobby may be...
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    Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish!

    makes me miss mine:( thanks for making me have to get one again :p
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    poor cuttlefish.

    adult bandenis im sorry to burst your bubble
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    SCUBA Certified!

    i recently got my rescue diver cert from padi prob my most fulfilling thing ive done.