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  • Hello, ? For you. I ordered a new male for my female from seahorse source. Now I've had my female a year. And she eats pe mysis. They recommend hikari for my male and female. Is or mysis OK to feed ? Or better ? Is, which do you prefer?
    hello rayjay, i'm in southern ontario and have been looking for dwarf seahorses for years. nobody locally supplies them. can you get back to me?
    You could end up loosing one or both due to pathogen transfer if one or both have parasites the other hasn't grown up with.
    Just wondering, do you think if I introduced a tank-raised female to my wild caught male he'd learn to eat frozen from her? he is eating frozen spirilina enriched brine but not the Mysis.
    Hey rayjay! i went to your website and I can tell you know what you are doing so I had some questions. 1) do you do anything special for your sea horses to mate? 2) once they have babies what do you feed them?

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