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    Cheato not growing?

    I have tried 3 balls of it twice in my fuge and the same thing, I just gave up. I think my system does not have enough trates in it to support it, which is a good thing, my buddies grows nuts and his system is pure too, or I have too much flow thru my fuge.
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    Replacing RO membrane: when?

    We need more info what size is your unit? Gallons per day. What is the TDS's of the Ro out? What is your TDS's on the inlet to the RO?
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    ID please

    A tube worm like a small feather duster, a good filter feeder.
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    Constant low PH and Alk all rest is fine

    Yes, the Kalk is mixed 2tsp per gallon of RODI.
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    Which RO/DI system?

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    Constant low PH and Alk all rest is fine

    tank is 120gal, 30gal sump/fuge, 225lb LR, 2yrs old, medium stocked with LS, lightly on SPS, medium to heavey on LSP, {softies}, I do a 30gal/20% water change every 2 weeks with RC, and yes I had some of the bad stuff and never tested it until I found out about it here 4 months ago to adjust it...
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    ebay water filtration?

    I am so sick of this I can puke!!!!!!! You all Fleebay people miss the point, so later I up grade speand more money, after you are on reef forum with your algae/phophate problem!!!!!! And it comes down to your water!!!! Then you talk saving 100.00 on a unit that has to much waste to RODI water...
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    Aeration and PH

    I have the same problem, yes the skimmer adds alot of DO, but if the air in your basement is high in CO2 it is just adding it. Light cycle alters PH, higher at the end and lowest just before the come on, all thingsbeing equal, photothynisis thing. I to am going to run my air tube of the skimmer...
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    Dosing Ca and Mg the same evening?

    If Mg is low it is hard to raise and keep Ca up, pre Randy Holmes- Farley. I always add/dose Mg first, and wait about 1/2hr and add my Ca dose, remember Mg is a salt so watch your SG if you run it on the high end of the limit.
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    how many cocktail shrimp to cycle ?????

    The trouble is those darn Damsels WILL NOT DIE and then we have the problem of how to tell him to get them out!!!!!! Damsel in Latin is Devel!!!!
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    Manderin Dragonett

    Just give up, my Marderin was starving to death in my 2 year old 225lb LR, 30gal fuge/sump system. I have him know in the fuge area full of pods. YOU cannot keep a Manderin in a 14gal Biocube!!! Just that simple!!!!! You people really must not read, go here daily and read all of the threads with...
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    eliminating detritus

    What is your water source for the tank?
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    damsle attacking 6linewrasse.

    Damsel in Latin is Devel, every LFS that sells one for cycling atank should have to come back and catch them, most aggressive fish should be added last not first. I am sorry, I feel no symphathy for people who put them in first and did not do any reading on there fish selection and order to add...
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    To much calcium?

    Thro the Purple up away!!!!! Bad test kit!!!!! Ca cannot get there at 900, it would precip out at around 750-800!!!!! Go to the Chemn Forum and read up on the 3rd thread down, click on it, click on to the arcives, scroll down to Randy's articles on reef chemistry, and read! Good luck!
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    Which RO/DI system?

    adham88, stop right now, DONOT BUY ON FLEEBAY!!!!!!! cheap prices cost you more in the long run. For you systems and water changes and evap I would guess you need a 75gpd unit. Call Jim at Thefilterguys.bis and and talk to them with your needs, they will direct you to...