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  • I got the hybrid because the are a little bit spotted like my dream fish, a gem tang. He is not aggressive at all, even when my lavender tang would make runs at him. Only thing that worries me is that he loves to take that long nose and stick it into my vortechs to eat valonia.
    My tanks only a 125g but the A. polyzonas only get 4 inches or so from what I've read. No one has any real info on them. I might forgo the Gem indefiently but my black tang hybrid is so flipping mello I know it COULD work. if I could get both the 2 inch gem and the 1.5 inch polyzoma for 2 grand I would. maybe even 2500 and be done with fish for a few years unless I get a great deal on a 8 line or diamond tail.
    I love hydrid fish! Is the powder blue less agressive? I have a theory hybrid fish are calm but who knows. I'm thinking about getting a gem and or zebra tang from PIA today. My wife didn't say no, but I'm really worried about aggresion. I have an Ornate and Potters Leopard, a Flame and Pintail Fairy, a Black Ice Clown, and a Goldflake Juvi. I was to add those two tang and a diamond and 8 line flasher but thats alot of fish I think.
    Merry Christmas, Tom's starting to filly your old 250, has a sailfin tang to see if anything wonky happens and some SPS frags. Hope your tanks are still doing well, my juvilnile goldflake is acclimating well to my wrasse tank.
    Hey! When I get farther along with it I'll probably get a build thread posted and get some pictures up. We've been working a lot on the sump room lately.
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