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    I am Interested in / looking for ELOS 120xl

    Someone is selling a Elos 200 Diamond Line tank and White Elos stand on Craigslist (dublin / pleasanton / livermore)
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    Would someone spare me some clean chaeto plz

    If you ever in the San Ramon area you can have some
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    Lf: Chaeto

    Lots in San Ramon
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    OG Bounce and Sunkist Bounce

    Any chance you have a Frankenstein bounce too?
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    Indo Torches and clownfish

    Can you post a picture of the colony it came from, if you have it?
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    LF: 6 line wrasse

    Aquatic Collections has six line wrasse
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    My future tank will look like this!!

    A 300DD rimless was my dream tank and the top photo with a thin eurobrace also looks amazing. Do you have any pics of your 400 gallon anywhere, I would love to see how it turned out.
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    Any negatives to dosing kalk to maintain 8.3 Ph

    My goal is to reach a oh of 8.3 during the day. I Started using a versa to dose kalk from a kalk stirrer at night to keep my ph around 8.3. Is there any negatives to doing this?