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  • Hello Reef Bass

    The coral that is your avatar is gorgous!, what is it?, if you don't mind me asking.

    Thanks Cal
    Hey man.

    I have not waded through all possible features with RC either. Let me know if you find anything fun or useful.

    Great job with the raffle frags, thanks.

    While I will be using my dslr for the demo, much of information I will present will be relevant to point and shoot cameras as well.

    See you at the meeting! (45 Astoria Circle, Petaluma, 775 4455)

    Hey Ken, Still trying to figure out RC's new set up. Anyways I have a couple frags for the raffle. Steve Elis Blue Stag, Turquoise bottle brush, and maybe a tenuis ( it needs to color up more). Oh and will the demo include digital point and shoots.:)
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