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    ISO better lighting

    a starting point would be helpful
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    Newbie needing some advice

    +1... i have 8 of them type 14" above my tanks and they do a great job.
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    Newbie needing some advice

    i would say go up as far as the light floods the tank nicely.
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    ISO rubbermaid 300 gallon

    pm me i know a guy THAT might still have 1.
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    Clean Up Crew in Chicago?

    Trump is going to clean up the city hopefully
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    Back after almost 10 years. Need some help

    i have tons of rock for cheap if your interrested. 224 650 0560.
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    aquanetics chiller

    1/10 horse chiller $100 224 650 0560
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    Current tower chiller. 1/3 horse. $250 224 650 0560.
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    live sand

    about 20 to 30 gals. clean. FREE!!!!
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    MH lighting

    i have two 24 " 250 watt coralife halide and pc combo fixtures for sale they need new bulbs. $125 each both for $200. 224 650 0560.
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    protein skimmer

    i have a Sea Creations skimmer that is 8" in diameter and 48" tall. included a mag pump and collection cup. $300.
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    fs live rock

    i have some nice live rock for sale $2 a lb. has some softies attached to it. 224 650 0560.
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    back in hobby

    i have a few peices i can donate to your cause bro.