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  • Hi Egarc12,
    Welcome to reefing. As you've found out, it can be expensive. There are some local reefers here in the area that can help you out as far as coral frags. Getting corals at a fair price is always dependent on how in demand the particular coral is at the time. Some are expensive today and a year from now they become cheap. Ones that grow extremely slow never seem to become cheap. Supply and demand I guess. Some of the local area coral swaps are a good way to go as well. Though they don't happen often around here. Even if you have to drive to the bay area it can be worth it. Looking forward to seeing your setup. Good to see another local reefer.
    Reef on!
    Hi Steve congratulations on getting TOM. My name is Edgar and I live here in marina. I am a student at CSUMB but I am a local. Im also in the saltwater hobby and i have to say it is very addicting hobby. I heard about your tank this weekend from one of the employees at oceans above in seaside and I had to check out your tank. I just finished setting up a 60 gallon tank and I'm planning on making it a reef tank, once it has been running for a while. I was wondering where do you get your corals at a fair price?. The pricing of any frags around here are expensive.
    Hi Adam, Thank you. Glad to see another Salinas reefer. Welcome to the hobby.
    The advice in this hobby can be endless. I would say to take it slow, read a lot, learn as much as you can, don't make any fast impulse buys (really hard to do I know) without researching what you are about to buy and/or add to your tank. Nothing good comes fast with this hobby. (only disasters) Be patient and good things will come around for your reef.
    Glad to see you are a fellow DIY guy.
    If you have any questions down the road I might be able to answer for you, be sure to hit me up.
    Reef on!
    My name is Adam and first of all, I know I'm a little late but congrats on getting TOM! I also live in Salinas and I just started my 1st salt water tank. With that being said, I was wondering if you had any advice for a beginner like myself. Any knowledge would be great. Thanks. :)
    40 gal rounded acrylic
    DIY refugium
    DIY stand
    Hi Junne, Thank you for the kind words. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about reefing that I can answer for you. I've had many generous people help me out along the way over the years and I am more than happy to continue paying it forward. You can reach me here. I try to check RC as often as I have time. You can also reach me at
    You are in Union City, that's Atlantis Aquarium's home town. You can learn a lot from those guys too.
    Hi Steve, My name is Junne or "Siokoy" Congrats for making the TOM very impressive, nice corals you have there. I have been in the reef hobby for over 7 years now mostly LPS and some softies and a few SPS, I would like to know and learn from your success about growing SPS corals I have not entered the "Sulfur reactor" or "BioPellets" arena until I hear from someone who uses it with great success until your Tank was chosen. I have read about this stuff with great enthusiasm and anxiety due to the vast information out there. But seeing your success makes want to start this process in getting my tank ready for more SPS corals. Do you have time to share some thoughts about this? My goal is start with easy to grow SPS until i have establish workflows then gradually move to other SPS or say challenging one's. I live in the Bay Area; Union City my direct email is I build my own custom reactors for this upcoming SPS project would like to learn more from you is possible
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