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    LF reef keeper

    I'm thinking just the head?
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    LF reef keeper

    I been super happy with the original RK but I hear the newer ones are even better :)
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    LF reef keeper

    Awesome, how much are you asking?
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    Do you still have any Kenya? :)

    Do you still have any Kenya? :)
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    LF reef keeper

    I have the first reef keeper made .its having issues. Looking for same unit or newer if you got one for sale, thx :)
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    Free Kenya tree

    All take some Kenya tree :)
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    Look for some Xenia :)

    My kids been asking me for the moving hand coral, lol. Just set up another reef tank and looking for some fast growing corals. Thx
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    I need cheato

    I'm in east valley. Any reefer have any extra cheato to sell?
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    Shout out to Rollinnoland and Ademster!

    Very kind and super nice! I'm blessed and appreciate the corals :) anything you may need in return down the road let me know. They are all open and doing great! My kids got up early like they had Christmas presents to open,lol. They were super pumped to see the corals :)... So was I ;) thanks again