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  • I was wondering if you had a hole saw and could u cut a 1- 1/4 inch hole in my sump. If not do u no who has 1 in the high dessert. 760 265 8970 my names christian
    hello, I see your in the high dessert. Are there any good stores up in the high dessert? And last but not leaast is there an aquarium club in the dessert?
    Hello, My name is Prashanth Kumar. Just moved to Apple Valley in 2008. New to SW and reef keeping. Think I've bit off more than I can chew with 180G set up. New owners of Aquarium World are nice, but not too knowledgeable. Am trying to find local hobbyists/ local reef club? for help with questions/ ideas on how to improve my setup as I still consider myself a newb. Reading lots, but still feel i've got lots to learn. With 3000 posts i'm sure you would know of other folks in the area as well. Would like to start a reef club/ informal meetings if there is interest. I Live in Stonebrook off apple valley road. Hope to hear from you. thanks very much. Sincerely,

    Prashanth Kumar
    I'll be passing through your area mid day on Friday, could I take a look at him then?

    If he's good, could I pick him up Sunday eveing?

    He's about 4" or so. Had him for about 8 months - super fat. I am selling him for $25. I paid 35 for him. Looking for only one tang for my tank so that is the reason I am getting rid of him. Going for a achilles/sohal/or powder blue.
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