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  • Hi Keith, I spoke with you through E-mail last week about purchasing some frags. I called your number and left a message about making arrangements. You can reach me at 860-919-2254. Thanks, Todd
    I mainly have it with my birds nest since its so dense in the center. I pruned it in the center so more light and flow can get to it, so we will see. Thanks for the reply :)
    I'm sure this has been brought up before, but can't find it on your massive threads....

    How do you deal with the the issue of water flow to the base of your corals? I am to that point now where i am STNing a few bases of my denser corals because of this. I run an mp40 and a few supplemental koralias in my 90 SPS dominated.

    Also, thank you for more proof that 20K can produce rapid and beautiful growth :)
    Hey I saw a thread and you had a picture of your tank and it's beautiful! I was wondering what kind of radium bulbs you had, are they 14k or what? Thank you!
    great guy, Very helpfull with all my questions. Kept him taking for 2 hrs. Keith has an incredible system. Pictures dont do justice. I was overwhelmed and exited to see such an awesume SPS dominate display.
    Thanks for all your help Bill Masilotti
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