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    the best calcium reactor for sps.

    I used the MTC Pro Cal for many years and it served me very well.
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    Building an SPS Monster- my 1300 gallon SPS display

    Simply wow. You have taken things to a whole new stratosphere! Question....and perhaps I missed this, but did you use just dry rock to start this system or did you seed it with some live rock from your old tank? Interested to see if you ran into any algae problems (dinos?) others, myself...
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    JBNY's 270 Ver2.0

    It just keeps getting better!!
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    Need comment 250g aquascaping

    Ditto on these comments
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    Anyone gone back to halides?

    There are some really nice LED tanks out there but i will continue to stick with what works for me, MH + T5s.
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    270 Gallon SPS tank for JBNY

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    Cool Fish on Diver's Den

    There were some very large white spots on the fins of 3 Pyramid Butterflyfish I ordered a while back. It was right out of the bag and it didn't look like ich but perhaps it was lymph. However, they did go away over time.
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    Cool Fish on Diver's Den

    Perhaps my favorite Wrasse. I had one a few years ago in my old 225g for about a year and a half before I had to break down the tank. The guy I had gotten it from QT'd it for quite a while to make sure it was healthy and eating. Good to see them around again but not loving the price!
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    Setup & Review of MTC PROCAL Calcium Reactor

    He might not even need those particular ones if he gets rid of the entire flow gauge app.
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    Setup & Review of MTC PROCAL Calcium Reactor

    I am talking about the flow gauge.
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    Setup & Review of MTC PROCAL Calcium Reactor

    You don't need it anymore. It is not installed on the newer units.
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    Setup & Review of MTC PROCAL Calcium Reactor

    Not sure if it would work plumbed into the manifold but I guess it might not hurt to try. For what it is worth, I have been using this unit for many, many years and never had an issue with the blue feed line drawing from my sump. As for a strainer, the unit should have come with one but if you...
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    Need help with dosing?

    Can you provide more info on your, type of corals (SPS dominant?), etc?
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    SPS to the waterline

    I had a Green Bali Slimer grow to the waterline. In fact, it looked like part of it was growing out of the water! Sorry, no pics :(
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    SPS recovery timeframe

    Agreed that it can take weeks to months for corals to has happened to me and you certainly need patience. Ever consider setting up a small frag tank or something in your sump with a light to serve as sort of a hospital tank for the corals to recover?