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  • I purchased two photon32's from ReefBreeders website about a year ago. They are setup on my first sps/lps tank (a 210gal). I am still young in keeping coral so I can't really comment as far as if it is growing things as well as say MH or T5. Everything seems happy and growing under them though. I have some acro's up high that are putting on new branches (they were bought as tiny little 1/2" frags and have fully encrusted the plug and added branches now). Monti's are growing fast it seems. Haven't had any bleaching issues to speak of with my setup. I never really debated the led vs MH options as I was unwilling to pay the higher premium to run metal halide (replacing bulbs, needing a chiller, higher electric bill) so leds were my only choice and so far so good.
    Somewhat crappy but stable water conditions for the Floridas. Placing them all the way at the bottom of the tank. They can adapt to higher light, but not really necessary. Around 10-20 in the Nitrate department. Yumas in my tank seem to do well when the water is slightly cleaner. But stability and not touching them has been key.
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