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    Cool when could you send the reefbrite

    Cool when could you send the reefbrite
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    'seasoning' a tank

    Never use the same sand from one tank to next, it dies quick and adds tons of ammonia.
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    'seasoning' a tank

    I have moved 4 times with full blown sps colonie tanks across the state of Florida. My company moves me all the time. I always use half the water from my existing system. The same rock from previous system and new sand. I get a small cycle and have only lost two corals from 4 moves. Everything...
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    Radion xr15 pro for standard 75 gallon

    You can for sure get away with three of these units and grow anything in your tank well.
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    **The GHL Mitras LX7 LED**

    I run my lights at 70% ho intensity 22 inches above the water line on a 14" deep tank and if I lower it three inches I bleach fairly quickly. There's got to be something wrong in your settings because these lights pack a huge punch in light out put. I run a very high nutrient tank with way to...
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    What is this thing?

    Flatworm, get a six line wrasse and you'll never see them agian. Don't use chemicals to get rid of them go all natural.
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    Old rock treated with copper

    Why risk it
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    When and Where are the Black Friday Deals

    15% off and $50 gift card if you spend $150 at Dr. Fosters and Smith. which is a killer deal, I got a new sump for way cheaper than anyone elses prices and a gift card oh yeah.
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    Running Ozone

    My advice is don't run ozone, it's not worth your time and will not make a difference in your tank. I ran ozone many years ago and it was a waist of time.
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    illumnae's SPS shallow reef

    Man I love the mexhanical light bar idea, everyone I see one I get so jealous. You have a beautiful tank my friend.
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    Adtravels 90 Gallon reef

    Nice start, I think I would get my levels straight and then sit back and watch my corals grow.
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    T5 Retrofit Kit to Go with Radion

    Yeah that Aquatic life fixture is great
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    Tunze magnets

    Got it I will confirm and call. It's a tunze powerhead to be more specific
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    Tunze magnets

    Can the magnets on both sides of the tunze be submerged in tank water? I ask because I want to run one on my overflow box.
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    Which would you choose?

    Aquatic life t5 fixtire add that to your leds and watch everything grow like weeds.