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    Kenya falling over

    Hmm if it has a long base, I’d consider adding some rubble around the base for support or consider fragging it shorter?
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    Sinularia not opening

    Have you noticed anything picking at it?
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    Looking for Pizza Anemone

    While I couldn’t find much on a quick search, could see if one of your local LFS could special order it?
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    Fish Photo Contest - July 2022

    One of my new Rainfords Gobies. Also thanks @Dr. Reef for sponsoring this!
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    Is MH Lighting Still A 'Thing'?

    I’m still using metal halide on my 65 and LED on my wife’s 32. I love my halides and am looking at upgrading, likely to a ReefBrite or Hamilton system Bulbs are more limited now but still not too hard to find (ish)
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    Seahorse fry

    That’s awesome to hear. Glad they’re doing well!
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    Planning my All Predator Monster Tank - 650g +

    Sounds like an amazing plan. Are you having a builder custom build or doing a plywood build or something completely different? Also Welcome to Reef Central!
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    Hello from NW Iowa!

    Welcome! As @Vinny Kreyling and @Uncle99 pointed out for gas exchange and a mesh top (or egg crate (a little less clean of a look and not practical for rimless tanks, I use egg crate) solve the issue. You’ll still have greater evaporation, but yea, that’s what an auto top off is for
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    Back in the Hobby. Need Advice!

    Tank is all going to be personal preference as to what you want and what fits your space. Me personally, I’d go with whatever is shorter in height and wider front to back as I like a shallower tank with a wide footprint. Lighting, can’t go wrong with most brand name LED. If you look towards...
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    Kalk vs Baking Soda for pH

    Do you do water changes? Maybe consider testing freshly mixed saltwater to see what your baseline may be
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    o2manyfish 400g Tank, 1100g System "Built" Thread

    Beefy stand! It’s looking great!
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    New to reefs, setting up a 75g, could use some advice

    Yes two should work just fine. You can also set them up as master and slave so they sync with one another. Edit to add: I found the remote and instructions to be pretty useless but the controls were pretty simple on the light itself.
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    I'm new here

    Welcome! Feel free to ask any questions you may have!
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