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    Large Glass Aquarium Builders?

    Looking forward to seeing your tank. My uncle is looking to get 500g as well and he's considering acrylic. We'll check out that site when I visit him this week for the installation of the bumper and winch from 4Wheelonline onto his truck.
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    Is there any cheap sand anymore?

    One local guy recently got sands from Petco. One of the cheap around
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    New reef tank.

    Definitely keep your eyes open for nice used ones.
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    Help Bubble algae. to rescape or not.

    Alright, we'll use Vibrant to keep the bubble algae controlled. I'll have plenty of time next week to address the algae and microbes on my aunt's tank after I finished installing the brake pads and moto metal wheels on the truck.
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    My panorama reef

    Way to go, man! Nice build
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    Free Rainbow BTA

    Beautiful rainbow BTA
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    Scuba Diving in Bora Bora

    Looks like a great time! Nice diving site
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    I'm having some stocking issues

    How's your reef now?
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    Maxspect VS Icecap Gyres

    My buddy is getting annoyed of their Icecaps as well, especially at night. He's been cleaning it every month since it's 5 months of service. I'll come over tomorrow to help him install the brake kit and fuel off-road rims on his truck. I'll see if he had any remedy to keep it quiet.
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    Algae on rocks - ID help?

    I've seen those kind of hairy green algae on neighbor's tank which been like that for years. If memory serves me right, he mentioned the rocks were also live rocks.
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    Help cleaning glass!!! Please....

    The vinegar should work. Tried it on buddy's tank, you definitely need to make sure it is wet all the time as the vinegar dries up easily.
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    new tank shrimp

    Looks like you are on the right track. Control the light as suggested and see the progress.
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    Corals losing color but growing?

    You're a late to the party but that's a good tip.
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    Sliding 90 Gallon tank on to a new stand

    My buddy done the same process and it was easy as well. Yours should be manageable.
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    Red Sea Max E 170 Additional Cabinet?

    Man that's a nice setup!