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    Attn Neptune dos users

    Don't have the DOS, but I generally like to divide my dose by 24 and dose that at the top of every hour
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    nbd13's Return...150g Custom Bare-bottom SPS/Angel/Modified Triton Method Reef

    Great build, love the attention to detail. Following.
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    LF teklight legs

    I might be able to 3d print some if anything
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    Happy Holidays

    Happy New Years Casey!
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    FS Purple Tang

    $150 txt for more info 916-676-3684
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    My New Frags

    WOW Looks good Casey :beer:
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    Baking soda ?

    trying topping off with kalkwasser
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    Blue SPS not staying blue...

    Try the Red Sea Reef Colors Pro kit. Best 60 bucks ive ever spent
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    LF black egg crate

    :thumbsup: +1 YourReef