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    Link to request for Pink Zooanthids in Kotaku

    There's an gaming/internet storm brewing over some crazy customer service response at Reddit: But what's interesting is the reference to a reefcentral thread regarding a request for pink zoanthids...
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    FS: 32 cups each Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride $10

    Bought from twopartsolution but never used it or opened it. Low cost 2 part solution maintaining calcium and alkalinity. $10 for 32 cups each.
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    FS: Two New Ushio 250 Watt 10K Metal Halide Mogul Base $80

    $80 for two new Ushio 250 Watt 10K Metal Halide Mogul Base. Bought replacements for a single ended fixture, and then switched to double ended.
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    Anyone know of a personal 6-figure aquarium in the Bay Area?

    The Six-Figure Fish Tank Catches On I feel such a sense of freedom since I downsized from a 150-gallon reeftank to a 15-gallon freshwater shrimp aquarium.
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    "The Comeback Corals" in the latest issue of Stanford Magazine Hilarious part is how a researcher uses Aiptasia in his research because they're a lot hardier than corals.
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    Lionfish the other white meat

    Took down my reeftank a few years ago, and I never kept a lionfish, but I thought this article link would also be interesting:
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    For an Eco-Friendly Home Aquarium, Keep It Small and Track Your Fish

    Fellow former aquarium keeper forwarded me this article. I did notice a definite drop in my power bills when I took down my 150-gallon tank (recent PG&E was under $80). I'm hoping when I set up another tank one day that the equipment will be a a lot more power efficient. I'm really looking...
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    BAR April 11th Meeting featuring Charles Delbeek

    I'd love to see the ozone generator for that tank!
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    BAR April 11th Meeting featuring Charles Delbeek

    Did anyone get a chance to ask Charles about the state of the corals at the Cal Academy Aquarium? I noticed in my most recent visit a month ago that a lot of the corals in the big main display window have died off. I hope the tank is just undergoing some stabilization right now since the old...
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    LED Panel Lights

    Anyone running any of these or similar LED Panel lights on a small tank?
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    What type of things do you put on your reef website?

    Nice Wordpress theme, Kyle. I'm thinking of using Wordpress too so that I can add more to my site.
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    another fish store up for sale

    I took down my 150-gallon tank last September because I needed a break. I had automated as much as I could, but the regular maintenance chores started to overweigh the enjoyment I received from the tank. Another concern I had was what a natural resource hog my tank had become. Between the...
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    Anyone make it to academy of science today?

    Noted some tissue necrosis on some of the corals today, but I'm sure the tank is still settling down. All the clams looked good. The gorgonians were gorgeous in Caribbean reef exhibit. Didn't get a chance to get in to the rainforest...
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    OT: Used SLR for sale?

    You can get a great discount on this SLR:
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    OT: Firefox 3.0 release

    Crashing on Windows XP 64-bit with an E8500. Stable on Windows XP 32-bit with an E8400. Really irritated that some tab options are missing - especially an "overwrite" for a new "open in tabs". Here's a "fix":