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  • Hi Paul,
    So sorry to hear about the failing seam on your tank. I have a similar tank and that is one of my fears. I'm sure you will turn this into a positive and enjoy the challenge. Any big changes like glass or bear bottom?
    Good luck,
    Hi Paul,
    Love your tank. I have a similar size tank and was thinking of adding an ATS to help with my phosphates. What is the size of the screen that you used? Would you build it differently?
    I am sure you have heard it many times before re your tank , but............


    I was curious if I could ask you a couple of questions.

    Mainly if it would be possible to do a 80-100 gallon tank like yours but without a separate sump room - I will only have the limited space under the tank which will only be
    22" high by 15" front to back but 6 ft long.

    Was it too risky for you to do Glass?

    I love the old fashioned look of Glass and my tank will be 55" long by 16" high by 13" front to back.

    Finally due to heat and height issues with my canopy I am only going to be able to use fluorescents with LEDs or possibly just all LEDs - what are your thoughts on the new led technologies especially in terms of being able to grow corals. I have seen and read many success stories with the old school T5 bulbs. - I will only be able to go 5-6 bulbs across however.

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