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    Interceptor chewables

    yeah one is hard and can be ground up, the other one is soft and chewy............
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    Interceptor chewables

    they are novartis..........I got the same thing last time and am scared to use it.......anyone have a box of interceptor tables lying around to read the ingrediants and percentages and post it here?
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    Don't forget FRAGSTOCK 2009

    Dude I was talking with Todd Cherry today, hes bringing lots of stuff, sick acans under $200 for colonies.........its gonna be huge, normally its just us local colorado farmers this event is gonna be national..........I was in LA hanging with Kris Wray from Blue Zoo Aquatics this weekend and he...
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    reefkeeper lite

    I think you can get them for the same $99 direct from digital aquatics and most online retailers......
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    September 19th MASC Meeting @ Jgonz's House

    I'm hoping I have the energy to come see the gonzos setup......its been a while.........course that bum never makes it to my place either ;) C
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    Don't forget FRAGSTOCK 2009

    You know we just want a huge crowd, if you are a member of a club I say you get in free, spend the $5 you would have at the door and put it in the raffle where the proceeds go back to the club anyway :) and maybe win something too! So I may get in trouble but I am the club pr guy ;) If you...
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    Don't forget FRAGSTOCK 2009

    thanks Gresham! Will you be the one travelling to Denver? The admission is $5 free for club members. Jon, have you contacted Larry to reserve a spot? The floorplan is full and I want to make sure you have space. his email is this goes for anyone else wanting to sell, we...
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    Bonsai and T5..great combination~!

    hmmm kinda sounds like pink lemonade acropora.......they take forever basing then one day you have a ton of branches.
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    Bonsai and T5..great combination~!

    does this coral grow very slowly? it seems like in most of the ones I see the base gets huge but branches are sparse and slow to grow......
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    Are bartlett anthias jumpers?

    I've always found large numbers of them at Aquamart, they were always healthy and eating well too...
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    How many total gallons do we have? Colorado.

    I haven't visited this in a while, I added some water at my place so I am now adding 840 more gallons to the 600 I had before...I got too much water here LOL 24,287 + 840 = 25,127
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    Red Planet Die-Off

    I'm pretty sure all large SPS have this happen eventually.....I've never seen healthy tissue dowen underneath the coral. I think this is just part of how a natural reef is formed really.......
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    yeah that was me LOL I didn't know I commited such a violent crime haha, the DM's I fragged are in my systemn doing great! They made the trip back to Colorado very well.......I had bought them from a guy in CA (not a vendor at the show) in hopes of hauling them back home and growing some out...
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    DARC Garage Sale/Frag Swap Sep 12th at 1pm

    If I am not too wore out from the swap in CA the weekend before I'll come up and join you guys, I had fun at the last one! C
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    Are bartlett anthias jumpers?

    yep they jump out on me too from time to time.........