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    Which PAS for Reef Pics?

    Check out the Canon G series
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    Photo Editing Software

    Try Lightroom 3. You can download a 30 day trial from Adobe and there are videos online that can help you with the basics.
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    Memory Card for her new camera ?

    Amazon's deal of the day is the transcend "class 10" sdhc card. The 16gb is $15.99 and the 32gb is $39.99. Just FYI. Jesse
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    OC Aquatic closing down the store.

    I hope its cool that I post this. Its an email I got from them on the 22nd: To all our customers: It has been a great 5 years but now we are moving on to other ventures and will be closing the store. Thanks for all your support, business, and friendships over the years. We would like to...
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    70g softy

    Nice photos. Beautiful tank. Its cool to see these softie setups. Seems like most tanks are all SPS. Jesse
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    OT: Computer Question

    Not a big fan of webroot at all. Id try Avast or AVG (I use avast)and maybe trend micro housecall. Avast has an option for a boot time scan now which allows you to scan for viruses before the programs start running. Then run Malwarebytes and superantispyware. As mentioned, try firefox...
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    OT: Is there anything better than Chilaquiles

    Haha jefathome, you work at Hoag as well? :) They are usually one of the best things the cafeteria serves. I just wish they made them more often! Jesse
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    What, no Eclipse thread??

    IPT, can I ask how you exposed for that first shot to allow enough light from the sky without blowing out the foreground or vice versa? Jesse
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    My Christmas Lights

    Nice shot Marino, Beautiful house. Jesse
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    WTB: Baby Arowana

    +2. good looking ones too. They get their fish orders on monday and Im sure they would place an order for some if they are out. Great place to get healthy fish. Rarely do I have any losses with their fish. Jesse
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    MTV real world next episode preview. Looks like guy kills a tang

    Big deal, the thing was dead. My favorite: Her: "Why does it smell like that though??" Him: "Because I put great seasoning on it!! Its cajun!! Its paparikaaaahhh!" Jesse
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    OT: looking for computer registry cleaner

    For my registry I use CCleaner and Glary Utilities, then malwarebytes and avast for the malware and viruses.
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    $600 clown fish?

    Seaside sells ORA platinums for $299 each or $599 for a pair if anyone cares. Jesse
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    OT:i finally got my 4g

    I have the 3gs with no plans on upgrading to the 4. Is it just me or does the 3gs still feel better in your hand? The square edges and flat back just dont feel as ergomic to me. I look forward to seeing what Verizon comes out with in the next year and what Apple does with the next iphone. Jesse
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    P&S recommendation

    According to dpreview, the sx210 "is a very capable camera let down by soft images and a fussy interface." They sound so-so about the camera. They picked the Casio FH100 and Samsung HZ35W as their winners. Check those two out. The Casio FH100 even shoots RAW and they say the videos shot with...