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    -reefnoobers 85 wide mixed reef-

    Just an updated posting showing progress of my 85 gallon mixed-reef. Latest addition shows added wp-25 & Green / Purple Hammer.
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    What lighting should I use for a shallow canopy?

    LED Hanging option LED Hanging option I built my canopy & successfully hung an Evergrow D120 in it. Here's how you can do it too. Get a piece of aluminum tent pipe...1 - 1.25 " dia. Hammer one end flat, then fold 90 deg. (on the same flattened end._ Measure across inside canopy,..the do the...
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    LF: Coralife leg mounts

    Coralife mounting legs - Coralife mounting legs - Does your fixture has "dovetail" style slots, running horizontally, on the front & back of the fixture? If so,...these are what you may be needing...
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    Completed my Fuge' to Basement - move!

    Well,....I finally completed this task! I was sick of servicing my skimmer & filter sock change-out task....sitting on my duff' on the floor, in front of my Display stand. It's a thing of the past now. Boy...whatta' relief! Here's a "youtube" link.
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    Refugium build help

    refugium plans - refugium plans - A good info site. Baffles of 1/4" offer better strength. Find a shop that can cut & finish the edges for a cheap price. Otherwise, this is kinda' a basic layout- 1rst baffle 10" high with 1" bottom gap. (If...
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    Product / pump opinion(s) -

    plan halted - plan halted - The LFS / Aquarium builder I was considering to drill my Fuge' tank, will not. Since it's an "after-the-fact" tank. (I determined built already). They are VERY big in selling their OWN product instead. So now, I'm now considering an in-the-fuge' MAG 12. And...
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    Product / pump opinion(s) -

    I'm currently making moves to set up my refugium tank on a basement counter. I have about 10 vert lift, 12 hor. I was thinking about an in-refugium Mag 9.5 or 12. Then I found a fellow reefer selling an external pump he had purchased, from another person who had it as a back-up pump. The...
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    blue reef chromis Q?

    Blue Chromis note - Blue Chromis note - I purchased 5 to have a small "school". I have 2 left. The dominant one of the group pested the others until they were killed. And he's still an azz to the remaining chromis many times at observation. This is apparently a common issue between...
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    Reefnoobers 85 gal Reef status -

    Thx!.. Next big move might just be Fuge' from cabinet & plumbed to basement.
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    Reefnoobers 85 gal Reef status -

    Hey reefers! Been a while since I checked in... Thought I'd posted a "currrent status" image. My Tanks been "up-n-running" since last Aug. Overall,..pretty happy how it's coming along.:) Pink coraline kickin' in nice now too!.:thumbsup: Let me know what Ya' think.. Enjoy! & Thx! May be...
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    To much drain, not enough return

    more rambling & stuff I forgot to mention... more rambling & stuff I forgot to mention... I stood on a small step ladder & watched mine to observe the "flushing" noise. I concluded it needed more air inlet, when I saw the water level in the overflow dropping below the inlet elbow,...cause the...
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    To much drain, not enough return

    Gulping Overflow- Gulping Overflow- I have an 85 purchased from Great Lakes Aquarium, Mich. The same issue was occuring for me when using the supplied overflow pipes. I resolved this issue by actually drilling a 2nd hole in the top ot the standpipe. Next to the supplied one. I made both of...
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    Clouded eye on Yellow Tang -

    PS - Craigslist was first idea here too.. No luck really for this area -
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    Clouded eye on Yellow Tang -

    Tang Eye care update -as of 11/29: Tang Eye care update -as of 11/29: I've now setup a 10 gal "kit" tank (heater & small bio filter incl.) from Meijers'. (about 40 bucks) Added a submersible Blue LED stick, purchased from EBay for my DT. Pumped the water from DT to fill it. - (replaced DT...
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    Clouded eye on Yellow Tang -

    DT Update - as of 11-28 DT Update - as of 11-28 Thankfully, whatever the issue was with my's recovering. I'm wondering if it was the noise in the DT or the bubbles flowing around my Bubbletip when my top-off got low? I've ceased dosing food as of now. Starting to shop around...