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    Bleaching Rock and need chlorine test strips - FREE or Total?

    Hello I am in the process of bleaching some old Dry Rock that was given to me. I am going to order some Chlorine test strips to validate the chlorine is gone (adding De-Chlor). I see there are two types...Free Chlorine and Total Chlorine. Which one should I order? Any help is much appreciated!
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    How to clean used overflow, pvc pipes, etc from used tank

    Hello. I am getting back into the hobby and starting with a used setup that was taken down. I was wondering what the current thoughts are for cleaning the acrylic over flow to remove algae, etc and also the other plastic items just as pvc overflow pipes, the sump, etc. should I use a mixture...
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    How to Bleach Dry Rock from previous tank owner

    Hello.. I am setting up a new tank using what was Live Rock obtained from another tank. It has sat dry in a storage bin for 2 months, so I need to cure it with bleach prior to cycling, etc. It seems solution is 10:1 ratio but time needed in the bleach solution has varying thoughts. I am...
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    Reef tank on 2nd floor of home..maximum size ?

    Hello...I would like to setup a small reef tank on second floor of my house...home is 15yrs old..typical construction. I was wondering what a safe size, if any would be. I would use it as a quarantine tank most likely in my home office in a 2nd fallout bedroom converted. I was thinking around...
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    New setup w/dry rock/ negative space buildout - best way to cycle

    Hello I am getting back into the hobby after 10yr hiatus. I am setting up a 90gl building my own NSA aquascape with dry rock recently bleached and ready to go. One I have been aquascape installed in the tank, what is the best suggestion to cycle? Looking at adding a fish ..or using Caribsea...
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    Looking for Purple Tang in NW Ohio

    Looking for a decent price on a purple tang on NW OH. Only place in town that's got them in stock is asking a fortune.
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    Transporting livestock from Florida Gulf waters

    Hello. I know someone that is visiting the Florida Gulf Coast and is interested in bring back 1-2 items if possible to add to his reef tank. I was wondering what the laws are pertaining to this, and if legal, what is the best transportation method? Any advice would be much appreciated...thanks
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    Lighting / Viparspectra mount in tank canopy

    Hello. I just set up a new 75gl tank and purchased (2) 165W Viparspectra LED light fixtures. I started with the wall mounts and it doesn't look great in the living room. I was wondering if anyone has attempted to mount this light to a wood tank canopy by either cutting a hole in the top of...
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    Biggest sump to fit under a 75gl tank standing I have started up a 75gl tank using a canister filter until I can get a sump up and running. Problem I have is I a using a 75 gallon tank and stand with double doors. I cannot get anything underneath ito fit unless it is 22" in length or shorter, 20gl tank and sumps are all around...
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    Jebao Sine Wave Pumps and DC pumps -what is different?

    Hello Thanks for the help and information. I went ahead and ordered the DCP-6500 for a 75gl setup. Again thanks for taking the time to help!
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    Jebao Sine Wave Pumps and DC pumps -what is different?

    Hello I am trying to determine which is the latest model of Jaebo pumps to use in a sump for my display tank. I also see they advertise the DCP/DCW models as Sine Wave pumps and the DCS/DCQ as DC Square wave pumps. All are 24V pumps. What is the difference between Sine Wave and Square Wave...
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    DIY 20gl sump

    Hello..looking for some DIY suggestions or ideas to build my own 20gl sump. Will use DCP pump. Basically looking for help on building the left side drip area,etc where water enters the looks like the DIY links are outdated Any help is appreciated
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    Viparspectra 165w - height question

    Hello I just bought a pair of viparspectra 165W leds to go above my 75gl. I was curious what the optimum height should be above the tank to hang them...any suggestions are much appreciated Thanks
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    Sump and pump recommendation

    The tank is full of water and can or be drilled. I do see that Jaebo has a DCP and DCT with looks to be a DC voltage model. I assume the DC voltage is cheaper to run that a AC unit.. is that correct...also is one newer or replaces the other model?
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    Sump and pump recommendation

    Hello,, Getting.back into the hobby and have a question regarding a return pump along with sump. I am looking for recommendations on a submersible pump to go ina sump for a 75gl tank. I am also looking for suggestions on a simple budget friendly sump..or maybe I just start with a small tank...