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    From: Ava
    To: Jae Kang
    Sent: Friday, December 10, 2010 5:03 PM
    Subject: Re: 3W LED

    Hi Jae Kang.

    Sorry to say . Shipping may cost USD160 , for the power supply is 2.5kgs. Total 25kgs .

    We charged USD98 from you . There are balance of charge of USD62.

    Would you pls do paypal or western union of this USD62 to us ? Sorry for the troubles.

    By the way , order production has been arranged , will ready on 16-17th .

    we have to pay more shipping fee
    Glad to see you lurking again have missed not hearing from you. Hope all is well and that you had great holiday season. Happy New Year!!!
    Hey Ted I take it the tank is going good (bananas).. If by chance have you tried to cut them off with a knife, acually cutting the rock? If you happen to have any luck I would like one or two.. Will see you saturday evening good luck!!!
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