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  • Hi, Are you still selling Clowns? If so what do you currently have? I'm looking for two, I was thinking of a Black/white and a snowflake but am open to others. Thanks
    Not a clue. Your asking for advise on treating a fish & you don't send pictures or give any details. Almost like sending someone to the pharmacy & say give me something, my friend is sick.
    Hi reef stew what is the best medication to treat clownfish thank's for any help you can give me
    I only sell wholesale & my fish are in most of the local stores. I have a all white platinum snowflake, onyx Picasso, & midnights.
    Was wondering if you have any Wyoming whites, midnights, or onyx clowns for sale. I'm interested in one of any three types If you have one
    Hi Bob, I have a davinci clownfish and a snowflake clownfish that have paired up. Wondering if you would be interested in them. They won't go near an anemone.
    Can you tell me which LFS you sell your Reef Stew at?
    Heard a lot good about it and you!

    I currently breed erectus & reidi seahorses, ocellaris & black & white clownfish, & orchid dottybacks.
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