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    Right-Sizing Gyre Wavemakers

    I run 330 and 350 gyres and two varios 4 pumps off a wave engine on a mixed reef 115 gal. Got the WE when it came out, and it has been dependable. I love having only one power supply, and easier programing than the Maxpect gyre controller. The gyres have improved since the 250’s I once had...
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    After years of neglect...

    When I upgraded my lighting a year again, it was between Kessil and Radion G5. I went with the 360X, but either were great choices. I would say get 2 of the 15’s for the most even coverage and flexibility. Depending on what livestock you have or get, you can customize your settings. No one says...
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    Trachy trouble

    Thanks, I guess I’ll just wait it out. I have a scoly that a while back deteriorated to about 2/3 of a circle when my chemistry went out of whack. I got the tank back to normal and gave it some TLC. This is what it turned into.
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    Trachy trouble

    I’ve had this coral for a few years. Many month ago, it started deteriorating (along with a few others) when my chemistry went out of whack. All is well now, and my other corals look great, but very slowly over time this Tracey has lost some tissue and some of the skeleton has algae growing on...
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    Looking for direction

    +1 on the Aqua Ultraviolet UV. It's made a substantial difference battling Dino's for me in my 115 gal mixed reef. As a result though, my NO3 and PO4 has increased dramatically, presumably because it doesn't get consumed like it used to. I'm getting those under control though with an algae...
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    Rossmont controller
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    Skimmer too big?

    My Curve 7 has sat in 8 inches for several years and works terrifically. I took a few days to break in when I got it. After that, no issues other than replacing the pumps after about 5 years.
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    Gyre 200 vs 300 Specific Question for Those Who Have Used Both

    Ok, friends again. I had the 2k in a tank I took down. They are color coded and without to the external frame on the rear of my 250xl’s. Less parts, easier to put together correctly, and for a small pump, it moves a lot of water. I ended up adding it to my 115gal mixed. The 4k looks like the...
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    Gyre 200 vs 300 Specific Question for Those Who Have Used Both

    The Icecap 2k and 4K are upgraded models designed like the 300 series, made under license from Maxspect. Just a comment on what I own. Take a pill Nancy.
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    Gyre 200 vs 300 Specific Question for Those Who Have Used Both

    I run the 250's and a newer 2k. If the 300's are similar, yeah it's a better design. I'm curious on the merit of upgrading as well.
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    120 gallon lighting

    Kessil 360X"”love "˜em! Two for LPS, 3-4 for SPS. Pricey, but comparable to the Radions, which I also considered when I upgraded. I went with the smaller form factor.
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    Starting From Scratch(ish)

    I used marine pure for over two years with good results, however it is extremely brittle and easy to damage when handled (like cleaning the sump). I changed to Eshopps bio lux, a ceramic product that holds up much better.
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    help please.

    I've had a six line and it did dine on the flat worms, but it harassed other docile fish so much I removed it. I added a possum wrasse that spends most of the day poking through the rocks and I think it may eat them as well. Doesn't bother any other fish or coral and is very interesting to watch.
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    Any updated reviews on the Maxspect Gyre Pumps?

    I started using an XL250 in summer, 2017. Bought a second before the end of the year. Yes, they have a lot of parts, yes it's easy to reassemble incorrectly after cleaning, yea the controller can be tedious to program if you want to get fancy with it (and I did). Fast forward to today, they are...
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    doser suggestions

    I think I waiverd a bit, but I stand by what I said. More to the point, you may only need two heads now, but at some point you may want to use more additives, or even kalk. Consider 4 heads, or at least the ability to daisy chain or add a slave to a master unit. App control enables you to...