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    Backyard Pond

    Bingo! Thanks. Wonder if it'd be weird to randomly PM this dude(?)...
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    Backyard Pond

    You can get kits that get you pretty much everything you need starting around $1k. I'm looking at pondguys.
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    Backyard Pond

    Yeah seems like bottom drain is a must so I'm planning on that. I guess I'm just not sure if I should try to bang this out myself or hire someone. So far from the couple contractors I've talked to, for what I'm looking for its low side $8k high side 15.
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    Backyard Pond

    I would like to have a roughly 8' x 12' pond built in my backyard. Does anyone have builder recommendations or experience having something like this installed? I was originally going to go for koi and I still may but I'll probably be just as happy with goldfish. A while back one of the...
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    LF: Christmas Tree Rock

    Hit me up if you have a Christmas tree rock you want to get rid of or if you know where I can find one. Thanks.
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    WTB Harlequin Shrimp

    Tongs will often have them in stock. Call and ask. I got mine earlier this year for around $40 I think it was.
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    LF Grafted Simplex

    I'm terrible with names and I have no idea about lineages and all that but I have a coral colony that looks very simlar to the picture Viper posted. Its mostly purple but at different spots and especially around the base its green like that. I've had it for several years now. I'll try to get...
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    WTB reefbreeders Photon 48V2+

    I've got a Reefbreeders 48" LumenBar in Royal Ice if you're interested.
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    Crystal Dynamics

    The tanks are great and she is easy to deal with but FYI that 2-3 months may end up more like 3-5 months.
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    Saltwater delivery

    Honestly man, it will probably end up being less expensive if you get yourself a couple boxes of IO off Amazon and a few 30-50 gallon trash cans. I'm sure you have pumps around.
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    Calcium Reactor Issues

    I've lowered the flow rate to 50 mls/min which resulted in an effluent dKH of 11.5. I'm going to see if display alk starts rising. I've already got the ph set to 6.5 -- I'm wondering how much lower I'm able to go? I mean, do people have their reactors set to 6.2, 6.3? That seems too low...
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    Official: Masterflex Calcium Reactor Setup Thread

    Lowered the flow rate from 200 to 30. Waited 24 hours and effluent dkh is now 15. I think I just have the flow rate set too high? My alkalinity was dropping so I figured I would gradually increase the flow rate and that's what I ended up at. Tank is 150g and display ph is between 7.8-8.1 with...
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    Calcium Reactor Issues

    About a day after lowering the flow rate through the Masterflex from 200 mls/min to 30, I'm getting an alk reading of ~15 dKH. So basically did I just have the flow rate set way too high? I originally had the Masterflex set up at 30 mls/min and then at a certain point SPS growth took off and...
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    Calcium Reactor Issues

    The Masterflex unit I have only goes down to 30 ml/min. I set it there and will report back tomorrow.