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    Anyone who got my AOG II at swap

    Can I just lie and said I got your fake AOG II? lol
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    Cadlight 50G cube for sale

    This is an amazing deal! If I didn't already have a 50G cube, I'd be all over this!
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    I am back :)

    Welcome back Anthony. I came back a few months ago as well. Now we need to convince Karl to come back. :)
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    MARS Coral Auction May 21

    Sounds like a fun event. Unfortunately - it's the same weekend as my daughter's birthday party. :(
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    My tank Inside and Out, (It's SO LOUD underwater!!!)

    Try scuba diving. It's amazing how loud the scuba gear are! If you're into scuba spearfishing, the bubbles scare the fish. It's one of the reason I would love to get a rebreather - no bubbles!
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    Chris gets a frag tank! (and Hannah gets a couch)

    I call BS. That's not a couch. A couch is a place that you can sit on. That a staging area for reef stuff. :)
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    Replacement pump head tubing Dos

    Thanks for the update. Please let us know how it works out long term.
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    Replacement pump head tubing Dos

    Let us know how it works for you.
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    Replacement pump head tubing Dos

    Jeff - did you ever get a response to your inquiry?
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    Jay's SC Aquarium 50g Starphire Cube Build

    Krimple - You can purchase the frame kit from Home Depot for about $13. Buy the dark brown kit and it will match the tank nicely. Purchase a spline roller for about $5. Then you need the 1/4" clear netting from Marine Depot ($12). Last, you will need a some aquairum plastic clips for...
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    FS spectra pure dual reactor

    [deleted] might be too big for my sump are.
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    Which heater to go with Apex

    Zchauvin has it right. Just get any heater and set the desired temperature to 1* higher than what the apex is set at. The other option is to purchase a temperature controller (like the Ranco). The connection would be Heater to Ranco to Apex. Set the Ranco to 1* higher than the Apex...
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    Locating DOS far away from Apex controller

    Hello All, I have an Apex that is located in the house (close to the Display tank), and I am thinking about purchasing a DOS for a continuous water change system. I was thinking about putting the DOS out in the garage where my NSW is located. That way if something goes wrong, hopefully the...
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    LF startup stuff- Davis

    But you enable his hoarding problem... :crazy1:
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    MARS Facebook Group

    Thanks Hannah. I noticed that one was a "public" page where as the other one was a "closed" group.