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    Flow for my 29g bowfront?

    my 29 [not a bowfront] does fine with 2 Koralia 2's - one is the original #2 and the newer one is the 1050. Plenty of flow to eliminate dead zones and for SPS. you can arrange rock to create areas of less flow for LPS and others that don't like as much movement. As for the sand blowing around...
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    Why is my tank so warm?!?

    shoot for average temps of 80~82. Some temp swing is actually good, as it helps to acclimate the animals to what normally happens on our tanks [as well as the reef]. Lower temps do not create a buffer against higher temp harm - it simply acclimates the animals to the lower temp. For example...
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    Temp to high?

    and some other discussions:
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    Temp to high?

    check out this discussion - you're probably fine
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    or bite the bullet and get a pH probe?
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    Live Sand worth the Money?

    agree with all of the above, especially thatguy's advice: find a local reefer with an established tank and see if you can get a cup or so of the substrate for a small fee or even for free. see if there is a local club in your area - that would be a good place to start.
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    Tank Bottom

    agreed that crushed coral should be avoided. tough to keep clean and the size, shape and sharpness of the little shards discourage helpful benthic life [worms, etc.] that would otherwise eliminate much of the detritus. the little pieces also seem to collect a lot of crud due to their shape. I...
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    Low PH help
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    new. need experienced sensible advice.

    if you've not already made use of the stickies at the top of the forum do so - a wealth of info. visit the same on the chemistry forum. Welcome on board :D
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    What causes a tank to crash

    my first system crash was due to - I believe - crushed coral as a substrate. Size, shape and sharpness of the CC discouraged benthic populations [worms, etc.] resulting in increasing amounts of detritus in the cup-shaped shards. after a time the ability of the natural filtration, skimming...
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    coral beauty

    I've had that exact combination in that size tank. they should do fine together. the gramma would make threat displays from time to time as the CB swung by it's "cave" but that was the extent of the aggression. the ocellaris pair paid him no mind and he returned the favor. the caveat is if...
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    a strange question

    Well done! :D
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    Angel in My Reef

    it's a crap shoot with any angels. individuals may do well, but it's no guarantee that another won't kill something. my CB was a model citizen for 8~9 months before harassing my open brain to death.
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    New Tank, but low PH cant get it up, and no coralline growth yet

    here's a great resource from the chemistry forum. Scroll down until you see your problem area.
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    advice/info on sacro leather

    look carefully to make sure there are no nudibranchs anywhere on it - they can be very difficult to spot as some will blend in. another option is that it's a victim of chemical warfare from the others - they don't have to be touching for this. What's your lighting and what's your feeding...