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    Chloroquine Phosphate

    Thanks Humble being that I am restocking my 180 in wall gonna have batch after batch of fish for a while want to make sure I have the procedure worked out. Pretty much purchased all the meds that were recommended just learning when and what to use. So far fish are doing great this Friday will...
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    Chloroquine Phosphate

    I followed your post on another site. But thought it was 14 days had posted this but have not seen a reply. So on the 31st will be 14 days in CP...this being not just my first QT but also first time using CP. So once I move them to tank two what should I treat for? I assume internal...
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    Best Algae Treatment EVER!

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    How to get dry rock covered in coralline algae quickly...?

    I purchased two bottles of that. Someone had told me it works well and in fact said it was the only actual live spoors. I put one purple and one pink in my tank a out two weeks ago. Nothing to report yet. The first shipment arrived leaking as for the lids had been busted they shipped me out...
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    Salt mix station in garage

    I have a pan world i think or one of the likes. The yellow one did not do a big one think its a 50 cause I only use it to mix or transfer RODI to salt tank. When I make a fresh batch I turn it on and let it run for about half the day then back to my auto setting in Apex which is 5 or 10 minutes...
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    180 Gallon Transformation

    So what ever came of this? You just left it hanging.
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    What do use for rodi?

    So your RODI runs short bursts all the time? If so thats now the best my understanding.
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    Salt mix station in garage

    I mix up 55 gallons at a time in my garage. So pretty much always have saltwater on hand since I do auto water change. While I don’t keep cars in mine I do have a bunch of tools and I can say since 2014 to today I have nothing rusting. I think the door is open often enough to also help with air...
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    180 gallon build: Modular control system, 3D printed equipment, open-source

    So how is the setup working? Asking OP
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    Out of Control Hair Algae

    I may need to give it a try I have GHA everywhere. I have Cheeto in sump growing great. Skimmer running. The change I think is tank was dark for 6 months and now have new lights. Where to buy and how much for 200 Gallons of water?
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    I think my lawnmower blenny ate too much and died

    I added one to my tank he ate like a pig on my GHA and then I found him dead. He also had turned dark the day before. I have plenty of GHA to support several so know he did not starve. LFS made good on it so I have credit for another one.
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    Spider web on my corals...

    That's what I suggested but they are saying no. So I am at a loss but my suggestion to get them blown off the corals is still valid I think.
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    Spider web on my corals...

    My 180 gallon tank only had it on the corals. Was vermited snails. If you say its not then I have no clue what else release the spider webs beside them.