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    Sailfin Tang

    tang tang Here's a pic. Best I could get he's quick.
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    Sailfin Tang

    Downsizing the tank soon. Looking to get a home for my sailfin tang. He's about 3 inches. Very lively healthy (ich free) and follows me around when im near the tank. Hoping for a coral trade. Softies / palys prefered. I'm off exit 42.
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    FS - Biocube 29 Gallon w/stand

    Hit me up when you get back into town. I pm'd you my info
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    FS - Biocube 29 Gallon w/stand

    I can scoop it tomorrow morning! That is if it's still available.
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    Cold basement!

    Also struggling to keep temps up and evap down. That styrofoam top sounds like a great idea.
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    72Bow Sale / Trade - LF AIO

    Ive got a 40 g bow front. Currently using it for a freshwater setup. Also looking to get a larger tank since my fish are beasts now. Lmk if this is something you would be interested in. Few scratches but on the back side.
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    Mid-winter swap 2/7/15 @ABC1 in Syr

    I would stop in and check it out for sure
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    coralline correlation?

    I also noticed a green hue appear one my dry rock before the purple came in. Thought it was nuisance algae at first. Recently seeing more bright pink. love the look of that stuff.
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    Onespot Foxface For Sale / Trade

    Ive tried to trap my CB many times. Got almost every other fish but him. Not much of a bully anymore thankfully. Used to have a diamond goby but he made his way to my filter sock. They do cause quite a dust storm but clean sand is a plus.
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    Aquamedics Skimmer Turboflotor

    Just got the new skimmer today. I will clean up the old one and post pics for those interested. It works well but not on anything over 100g.
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    Aquamedics Skimmer Turboflotor

    Id prefer not to.
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    Skimmer question

    I clean mine out when I can see visable build up. Ive been told it reduces the performance of the skim if it gets dirty.
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    Aquamedics Skimmer Turboflotor

    Anyone interested?
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    Aquamedics Skimmer Turboflotor

    I just ordered a new skimmer. This one isnt strong enough for my current bio load. Offering it up cheap to begginers but prefer to get some coral in trade. It works well needs some tuning now and again. We will say $30 or a nice piece of coral. I will update when the new skimmer arrives. Be able...
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    Wants to throw in the towel !

    Sorry bout ur troubles. Id love to have a reason to restart my tank. Im happy with it but have some things id like to do differently.