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    Nudi ID

    It was near some zoas. That one is about 1.5" but there is a smaller one also.
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    Nudi ID

    I found this today in our coral system. Anyone know what it is?
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    Can anyone help identify

    Looks like maybe seriatopora or pocillipora but it is hard to id from the pic.
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    Water test kits

    Salifert and Red Sea are both great kits.
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    Cool pics and info

    nck1992 - I've been to Jejudo. Beautiful place!
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    Official St. Jude Children's Hospital Tank Thread.

    It came in crated up and we wheeled it in on furniture dollies. Then used lift tables to lift it up on the stand.
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    200 Gallon Deep Dimension Mixed Reef Build

    I can't go bigger because my house isn't big enough. I love lots of flow in my tanks. So the combination of all those different types of flow should be awesome. Why Aquatic Life? - I like to try new products, but I may be changing that to AI Hydra's.
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    200 Gallon Deep Dimension Mixed Reef Build

    Yep. My new tank. Ordered it today. Should be a few weeks until it arrives. Gives me time to get the rest together.
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    200 Gallon Deep Dimension Mixed Reef Build

    I am in the process of setting up a Marineland 200 gallon deep dimension aquarium. So far I know the tank I'm getting, and I'll be using Marineland's Monterey stand also. The equipment list is as follows so far: Aquatic Life Expert Series LED lighting Trigger systems sump Reef Octopus SRO...
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    OneReef's 120g DreamReef (Part 2)

    Be careful and don't take the phosphate level down too quickly. Your pH will go up and your alk levels may(will) drop. That can be rough on your SPS corals.
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    Summary of the July WTMRAC meeting

    I thought the club was contractually bound to the September 28th date at the agricenter? How are you going to postpone it now?
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    Club direction. Call for help!

    Thought this was relevant again. I originally posted this thread in 2006. Seems not a lot has changed. We need a breath of fresh air in the hobby/club in Memphis. I will continue to support any organization which promotes this hobby, but will not continue my support of one that does not. I...
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    Pics from my 92 bowfront

    Weekly 10 gallon water changes. Feed rarely with oyster feast.
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    Pics from my 92 bowfront

    All LED now. Aquatic life fixtures.