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  • Hi Nathan! I just wanted to let you know that if Lear takes on new members, i would love to be voted on. If not it is ok. If i wasn't voted in. It would be ok also. There are some great guys in your family there , some i know and some I've only met! But you have a great group of people who all share a love of our hobby! And thanks for all you've done to taking pics for the CDC to getting me some nice corals and offering to help me! It is still not hooked up! Lol
    Thanks for even thinking about it

    Quick question about the Dino & Vodka dosing, on the C-Sea Forums. Should I continue the dosing, while battling? I did a Google search and it looks exactly like that (Dino)

    I purchased a GFO reactor and will start running that. People also say lights out for 48-72 hrs. Maybe, if a last resort. Wont that really hurt my SPS?

    Please let me know, I wont do the next dose, until I hear from you.

    Thanks - Eric
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