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    Ocean Clear Filter

    I ran one in the late 1980's (on a 210 gallon Oceanic) with a pleated cartridge and carbon in a bag in stage one and ceramic media with an air pump in the stage two trickle filter (interesting set up, and seemed to work okay until I deployed overseas for a year and a half and the housesitter...
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    Removing invading polyps

    Again, if you have the resources you may want to consider predation as an option. Here's a little more info: PREDATION ON THE TOXIC ZOANTHID Palythoa caribaeorum BY REEF FISHES IN THE ABROLHOS BANK, EASTERN BRAZIL Ronaldo Bastos Francini-Filho1,2,*and Rodrigo Leão de Moura2 This paper...
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    Removing invading polyps

    My semicirculatus loves to eat them, along with all zoanthids (candy) and other pest anemones. Leaves mushrooms alone, though... Not a solution I'd recommend for everyone, though. Can get fairly large and diet is pretty expansive, including tridacnids, soft corals, sponge, and much more. Seems...
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    Deep dimension tank owners

    Mine's over five years old now, and I've cycled through a handful of "reefs" in it so far - pulling and fragging old colonies and growing out new ones. In the middle of the next generation grow out. I still love the water depth and the front-to-back depth of these aquariums. They've provided me...
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    Can someone identify these they have overtaken my rock

    Looks like a majano reacting to bright light. A friend donated an immature semicirculatus angel that took care of a pest anemone problem for me. Also all of the zoanthids. And has trimmed back the palythoa colony handily, too. Might be a bit if an extreme solution, though. At least it's left the...
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    MarsAqua blues

    Big (really big) thread on MarsAqua LEDs here - and lots of references to suitable Epistar 3W LEDs. I've changed out a large portion of my array to include a number of 405-410nm, 415-420, and a few select others - as many others have done. There are also a number of videos on how to unsolder the...
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    Casting entire aquarium form glass instead of using panels?

    A number of years ago while I was looking for a larger chunk of glass I stumbled across a company that produced molded glass aquariums - seamless at least for the front corners (remember when those were popular?) - but they also produced some unusual shapes and designs. I'm not really into...
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    Maze coral care

    Many, if not all corals can adapt to different light, current and such parameters (within reason). In my experience the big thing I'd look out for is placement of other corals. My "maze coral" throws out sweepers anywhere from 4-6" every night to clear out the competition, acros, pocillopora, or...
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    Free kessil actuating mount- clever idea, looking for input/ Back in the hobby!

    I used six security camera mounts for mine. 100% metal, fully adjustable, and screw mount to the canopy. Cheers, Ray Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
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    Marineland 300DD Bottom Support

    What you've described (if you take it a step further and put a couple strips along the sides as well) is what my custom built 100 had along the bottom (80's, Athens GR). Euro bracing done with glass. If you can get a 2" strip of 1/2" glass cleanly adhered, you'll provide a good compound joint...
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    Mars Aqua Chinese LED review (Ebay)

    @themummra - This is what I came up with for the "stock" 300w and posted substantially upthread: I altered my layout a bit through some ebay purchases to: And then I picked up and custom cut some diffuser sheets and removed the stock lenses in both the foru MarsAqua and two Galaxy Hydro...
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    Crazy or possible?

    While I can't speak to the Triton method, my RubberMaid 150 Galllon sump is in the basement and a room over from my 300. I ran about 20 feet of 2" Flex pvc to and from (punched holes in the floor) for filtration. Also installed some floor jacks/with 2 X 8s for additional weight support after...
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    Mars Aqua Chinese LED review (Ebay)

    Most probably not to control light intensities, but definitely turn on/off with an external timer (if the LEDs are in the default "on" position when the controller failed). That said, the light manufacturer is "Intelligent aquarium LED" and may be seen as a Taotronics. Lots of Google searching...
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    Mars Aqua Chinese LED review (Ebay)

    @garygonzales - I'm still using diffusers in all of my fixtures and the coral appears to like this approach as well. A worthwhile mod to really blend the LED colors. Cheers, Ray
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    Does anyone use Polario wavemakers?

    I used them (two of'em) for a number of years and uses. Good pumps, great alternating flow. Keep up with the maintenance and they should last a few years for you easy. They can be a bit noisy on the highest setting. Let it break in, and/ or use a timer to only run it when you're away. Cheers...