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    apex trident maintenance every 18-24 months -- what do you feel about what's needed?

    I have a trident for my Fusion 25 lol.. It's worth it to me but can be a pain. Just even routine maintenance is a pain. I ran out of reagents when they were impossible to get during COVID so it sat around for a few weeks. It took me most of the day to get it working again due to clogged...
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    Looking for tank

    If you're not in a hurry, you can also wait for the sale at Petco where it's a $1/gallon for tanks. I think the sale is like every quarter (or even more frequently).
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    WTB: Newer type APEX head unit

    Check that, apparently even the older black display works so if anyone has one of those I would be interested. Thanks.
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    WTB: Newer type APEX head unit

    Hi if anyone has one lying around, please let me know. I'm talking about the display unit if i'm not being clear. My Apex has been spotty connecting to Fusion so I might have to go this route. Thanks.
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    Midas Blenny Aggression - Attacking my golden rhomboids!

    I had a midas blenny terrorize my clowns and a melanarus wrasse. I tried the mirror to reduce aggression but it would only last for a day. Put him in an acclimation box for a while and still no good. After about a month I gave up and re-homed him.
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    Free Black and White Clownfish

    Pending sorry all for those that PMd. I'll let u know if it falls through
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    Free Black and White Clownfish

    He's pretty small (1.25" at most). He looks like a misbar clown. Tearing down my tank for a move and going in a different direction. Need him gone this afternoon. Pick up in Glendale by GCC. PM me if interested.
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    Free 24 gallon aquapod

    Just leak tested and its fine. I have the top as well but it's only power compacts. If you really want to make this a tank I would upgrade the lighting. Pickup in Glendale, hopefully today. Great starter or fish only nano.
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    AI Hydra 52 HD w/ mount & diffuser - $325

    Is this black or white?
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    FS: Aqua Illumination Mega Lot

    Holy crap that's a steal. I was looking for a controller months ago and was willing to pay $100 just for that.
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    "Rock wall' made of styrofoam and sand

    Here is a link to my foam rock build: I actually enjoyed it. Ran the tank for probably 5 years but tore it down for a remodel to the house. I didn't have issues with chunks being taken out but I also didn't have an urchin. I didn't have...
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    Trident Reagents

    Nah its just in CDN $ so about right. The problem is they don't ship to the US
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    Trident Reagents

    Thanks Boon!