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    Canopy fan: suggestion for air flow direction?

    Well It seems that everyone has there own way. But I think everyone is on same track here. What might work for somebody else might not be the best for you. I think that the canopy fans should be use to remove heat from the lights not the tank per say. I have a negative air pressure system in my...
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    Planning my new setup **PIC**

    Thanks I might try it.
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    wave2K vs. Tunze Wavebox

    I have also looked into both of these units. Everyone that has the Wk2 says these should have bought the Wavebox. Some of the big differences are; the size, the noise, the Quality, and finally the product. When I say the product I mean Tunze. They are a well known company with many great product...
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    ASM G1X vs. Tunze DOC 9015

    What exactly does the foam extraction cups do on a 9010?
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    Which configuration will move more water?

    How do you plain to return it into the tank? As in do you plain to use bulkheads or just go over the backside.
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    yet another "is this a good RO/DI"

    Have you looked into water general yet.
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    Which configuration will move more water?

    GuySmilie: I am not sure about the math either but I used a Eheim 1260 and when I set up for a test run I liked the B setup over the A setup. I thought it looked like more flow and besides that now new clean water comes into the tank at both end of the tank. I do not have mine finished yet so...
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    Planning my new setup **PIC**

    This is were I have been getting some of my ideas of how the plumbing should work.
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    IceCap 660 and 39w T5 bulbs

    I called reef geek the other day about this and was told 55watts.
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    Is there a tank made to fit this skimmer? -- (see pix)

    Hey that's an idea. Build the sump into the stand so it will be as big as possible.
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    Planning my new setup **PIC**

    I hear that the Eheim pumps don't put out any real heat that's why I change and put the pump into the sump instead of external. The little yellow box will have LR rumble in it. jwccwj: why would I use the pump for water? Is then any benefits to this? The reason I choose this why is so the dirty...
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    Planning my new setup **PIC**

    This should be the last change that I can see. What does every think of this. Ive do alot more research and have all of you to thank. So let me know about this one.
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    Planning my new setup **PIC**

    Yes those are doors on the side and the fans will be on the inside of them I just forgot to add the into the pic. The wires will run along the inside to allow me to open the doors.
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    Planning my new setup **PIC**

    Im not following you please explain more or show me some pics.
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    Planning my new setup **PIC**

    Ive also designed my stand and canopy. This will be made out of 2X4 from and Red Oak sheeting w/trim (don't know what kind yet) Here the way the lights will be setup in the canopy. The yellow boxes will have 2X T-5's each (probably icecap) The green box is a PFO 175watt MH 10k bulb The...