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    Possible Hybrid Carpet Anemone

    No verrucae. The base is smooth throughout. The length of the tentacles are also different sizes; a bit longer in the mouth area and the edges. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Possible Hybrid Carpet Anemone

    Hey guys! Haven't posted in a while, but I do enjoying reading your posts. Anyways I wanted to share this anemone I've kept for 2 years now. I thought it was an S. gigantea at first, but now that's bigger and although it has some characteristics of a gigantea, it maybe possible it's a mix...
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    Looking For Rotifers

    Anyone in the Long Beach area have rotifers for sale? PM Me thanks! :dance:
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    Thick white poop hanging from clownfish

    Your fish may have internal parasite. You can treat it with a product called PraziPro. You may want to set up a small quarantine tank so you can treat the whole quarantine tank water. You'll want to also soak its food in it for a direct treatment delivery method. Good luck :).
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    Let's see your Bubble Tips

    Here's my green tip BTA
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    Biotope for Gig questions...

    This is a video I took when I was snorkeling in Karimunjawa, Indonesia. Water debth was around 2-3ft so these anemones get blasted with lights. I'm sure the wave gets stronger during the tide change but this anemone is in good flow.
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    S. gigantea recovery

    I'm trying to get it to grow faster so I feed it every other day about half a starburst candy sized piece.
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    S. gigantea recovery

    Beautiful. How big is your carpet? Looks huge!
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    S. gigantea recovery

    Here it is now. Picture was taken last night.
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    S. gigantea recovery

    I know there is a lot of anemone recovery page but I wanted to share mine with you guys. I bought this gigantea from PETCO on 04/24/2015 and was placed in my tank. After I saw the first deflate, I moved it to a QT tank and began cipro treatment. In the treatment tank, it managed to find its...
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    My new first gigantea

    That looks amazing. I love the color.
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    BTA Show Off Thread!

    Have this little for 2 months now and growing fast.
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    Looking for an ID, please help.

    That does look like an LTA. It may have short tentacles now, but once adjusted and well fed, it should start getting longer tentacles. LTA's prefer to live with it's foot buried in the sand and medium water flow above its tentacles. The one you have seem to have good coloration (doesn't look...
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    Gigantea spotted in Burbank

    I'm sure most of them will be. The other one has more color. I bought one 2 weeks ago and it is starting to brown up a bit.
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    Gigantea spotted in Burbank

    Fyi, Burbank Petco has 2 giganteas. Get em while they last. :fun2: