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    FS Monti Colony

    Colony has outgrown my tank. It's bout 2 feet or so in diameter. Had to break off some chunks today for it was about to touch the front glass! $120
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    Lf sps

    Anyone have SPS frags for sale? PM me with details please.
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    FT Pearl berry colony

    I'd be interested in a frag as well... if you decide to do so.
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    FS Trigger Sump

    Sold... Please close.
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    WTB equipment

    I have some dry rock that I bleached over a year ago and never used. I'd say it's about 25 lbs or so. You can have it... it's taking up space in my garage.
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    FS Aqueon 125 Gal Tank and Stand

    Aqueon 125 gallon tank and stand for $300. Dimensions are 72"LX18"WX22"H. Here is a link to the specs.* You have to select "125 Gallon Rectangle"...
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    FS Trigger Sump

    Trigger Systems Emerald 34 sump for $200. Here is a link to the specs.* Had it for little over a year. It is in perfect condition. Has a few scratches in the refugium area when I scrapped off some algae that was stuck to it...
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    L/F Aussie Elegant Coral

    Aquatic Jewels has some. Was in there today.
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    FS Hollywood Stunner Chalice Frags

    I have four pieces that are 3-4" left