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  • If you decide to part out I might be interested in the water storage tanks depending on what you have
    I greatly appreciate what you have done with this club i have only met a few members, i was really humbled by their generosity. i am a small business owner and if my customers have an issue or problem, I take care of them. I depend on my clientel, they depend on me and i give them spectular experinces and service. If they asked to change things even though i might not like it i am a profesional so i will do everythng i can to accomidate them in a reasonable manner. , , ,but if they are really trying to improve and want to know what we think then we can help them and there rewards would be greater then our discount on some products. I am not trying to get anything for free or discounted when i signed up for nvr i just needed good advice , and i got it. so when something came up that i could post a valid comment , i did .i am very thankful for their help it has made a big difference in my tank, . Some people just accept things im not one of those people.
    Hey Ryan did you want to meet up at Starbucks on Wednesday? If that works for you let me know what time you get off work.

    Sorry for the delay still getting used to this site, I posted a message to myself. I live by shaffer lakes. Names James class of 95. What's your tank setup? I got an Oceanic 144gal half round that's been aquascaped. Still recovering from my 150gal cracking and flooding two rooms.
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