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    What is this?

    Might just be smaller snails. Check to make sure they are not these:
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    New maxima clam

    Beautiful specimen
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    pretty much lost all my sps

    Is this the same issue as discussed in this thread: Did you get your alk down?
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    Lighting your Rimless

    Not sure what your budget is, but you could get the best of both T5 and MH in a sleek look with a Sfiligoi:
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    ATI Powermodule?

    Reefgeek is currently the only US distributor
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    What is ORP?
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    A.G.E. Rimless Cube/2 Take 2

    Awesome tank! Your plumbing looks amazing. Thinking of upgrading to the exact same specs, except with T5 lighting instead. Any more pics?
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    Ati Vs Aquactinics

    Thanks, afex. I've seen examples like that, but they all use 54w or 80w bulbs, which is fine for 24". But if we are using the 39w bulbs for our 36" long tanks, is that sufficient strength for a 24" depth? Perhaps it is, but I'm still looking for a successful long-term example of a 39w T5...
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    Ati Vs Aquactinics

    Looks that way:,0,0,1,0,0 They are listed as a "wholesaler" on the ATI site, although on the reefgeek web site they claim to be a retailer only. If that is the case, they are the only ones selling this product in the US at the moment.
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    Ati Vs Aquactinics

    afex: Sounds like you are building the same setup that I am considering... 36x36x24 rimless "short cube" ATI 10x39w T5 lighting Are you planning to have any SPS and clams? I was wondering if it would be better to go for a 16" high instead, because I've heard that the 39w T5s won't penetrate...
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    the best t5 fixture?

    You'll find some tanks on RC that have experienced great results with ATI fixtures
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    Anyone tried the Coralvue Reeflux 10k bulbs?

    Ok, here you go. Left: Hamilton 175W 10K SE on mag ballast Right: ReefLux 175W 10K SE on mag ballast Note: Hamilton is 1yr old, ReefLux is 4 days old
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    Anyone tried the Coralvue Reeflux 10k bulbs?

    You're correct. I had a brain-fart there.
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    Anyone tried the Coralvue Reeflux 10k bulbs?

    Thanks for the info, Dave. I suspect that my 175W mag ballast probably runs the bulb around 11K. But that's just a complete swag. Anyone have a PAR meter I could borrow? =)
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    Anyone tried the Coralvue Reeflux 10k bulbs?

    It's a standard magnetic ballast, but I'm not sure of the exact model. I purchased it from Marine Depot with a Hamilton pendant: