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    Octo Question

    Do octopii have ink like squid?
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    Got Questions

    Hi everyone. I am flirting with the idea of getting an octopus, but really don't feel I know enough about them. Hmmm, before I go into this any further I would like to know if I could keep a bimac in a 30 high... or would it need a longer tank for more surface area...
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    seahorse w/ mantis?

    Hi all! I have a 5" peacock mantis in a 10 gallon aquarium. I was wondering if anyone had ever tried keeping a seahorse in the same tank.... just a thought.
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    wild food question

    thanks, thats good to know
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    wild food question

    Hi everyone, I live on the Miss. gulf coast and can go out to the beach and pick snails and hermits out of the marshy areas. Is it ok to feed them to my mantis?
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    Mantis Playthings

    I recently got my mantis. Its a peacock.(FYI) Anyway, he sits in front of his shelter most of the day just staring..... into space? He looks bored. I was just wandering what other peoples mantis' did for "fun", or whatever....if anything. I'd like to know.
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    Ok I admit it I am HOOKED!

    try this try this I recieved a few mantis from these guys. They sell live rock, and when I called them they were happy to send me some for the cost of shipping, and thats it. The store is Gulf View (they have a web site) and the number is ( 813)-948-9121...
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    A Thanks To Roy

    I just wanted to say thanks for all of the help youve given me, and the help you give to all of the individual cases. Your info is more than useful.. Its fun to read. You really seem to know what your talking about and I just wanted to say your doing a really good job...
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    Why Me?

    DONT GIVE UP DONT GIVE UP The same thing happened to my first mantis. It started flippin all around the tank and was just actin wierd. I didnt know what to do so i left it alone.... it died. I got another one 2 weeks ago, put it in the same tank and it was fine for the first couple of days ...
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    Finally Caught Him!!!

    what kind is it what kind is it I have one of those and I was wandering if anyone knew what kind it is?
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    eating problem

    Update: Update: It came out on its own and has been clumsily rambling all over the aquarium in an apparent attempt to crawl up-right. I took some Caulerpa out of my reef tank and put it in the tank because I heard sometimes they will eat these plants. Has anyone else heard of this or am I...
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    eating problem

    Hi All, I have a 1 inch long gonodylactus who lost its arm in a tustle with another mantis a few days ago. At first it was having so much trouble keeping balance that I had to help it get close enough to its hide out for it to manage its way in. I can see it moving around in there a little bit...
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    How long is the period for a mantis between molts if it is a juvenile about an inch long? Thanx--- Mike
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    I recieved 2 mantis shrimp recently. Both are juveniles ( about an inch long). I had one in a 10 gal set-up, and the other in a 5 gal. I noticed the one in my 10 gal started "twitching" I couldnt figure out what was wrong w/ it, but when it started flipping around the tank I knew something had...
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    Free Baby

    I got a healthy baby smasher, Im not sure what kind it is. It is redish in color and that is about as much as I can describe it ( due to the fact that I can briefly catch a glance of it only when it dashes out to take the piece of food that i left it at the entrance of its "lair"). It is about...