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  • yes mate it was pink will be getting lots more ozzy lps after the new year :) would like to see some of the corals you guys can get if you get chance to take some snaps :) hope all is well there
    just had a look at your fb page, you gt some nice stock mate. was that multi colour fungia pink?
    10 pounds?! I'll take 5! I have a pretty good relationship with my lfs so I get stuff at a good rate. I'm inbetween tanks ATM, my fish and a couple of corals are in a temp nano, whilst I built a new tank. I've started a build thread which I'll update later you should check it out, nothing special though! What's your display like?
    BLOODY HELL! that's a lot for a cleaner i sell them for 10 pounds lol would much rather be where you are than here lol do you have a nice tank set up there i would have a huge tank can you not get equipment sent over to you if its so much to buy from there you should take a look at skint its unreal how its is here now mate
    We call that coral "trenchys" over, very cheap 10 quid. Shops are very good and corls are reasonably cheap, though we are not allowed to import into Australia, so things like red and purple m.capricornis arnt available. We get heaps of awesome acros, and lps, though morst of the ultra stuff ends up un the uk and us. We would pay about 75 pounds for a red line cleaner shrimp, and well over 300 pounds for harliquins. Funny you should mention skint, my mum was telling me about it last time i spoke to her..
    we have not long got up and running if you are on fb we are reef wonders just trying to get are website up and running we got a box of Australian corals in last week very nice stuff been trying to track down some Trachyphyllia geoffroyi but its hard what are your shops like out there you should watch a program called skint on you tube will show you what grimsby is like now lol your not missing anything :)
    ahh really, which shop do you run? website? its pretty good out here, gets very hot, corals and fish are cheap for the most part, but equipment is $$$. I grew up in waltham.
    still on the go i am not aloud in as i run a shop in grimsby lol your a lucky guy living out there sun sea and sand and very nice corals to
    Hi mark you posted on my wall you was from grimsby but your in Australia if you moved from here then good on you buddy :)
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