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  • Looking to build a stand for a 300 dd. I will not be sheeting it so do I need to add some extra boards for angular support. The tank is going to be a built in wall tank and want to have it as stable and waterproof as possible. Let me know if you have and time to discuss options.


    My tank recently cracked

    I will appreciate if you can visit the thread "cracked tank" - Sjoerd - with pictures.

    The contractor's opinion why the tank cracked is that the rocks inside the tank was to heavy (440 to 560 pounds)

    The contractor's solution:

    "we should affix thicker glass (15 or 19mm) on the bottom (onto the cracked bottom pane) and put braces inside on the bottom cracked pane"

    I have mentioned the opinion of some of the "Reef" members - the overhang of the tank is the cause for the crack

    Contractor: "I have built up to 1500 liters (360 gallon) of an aquarium on the same principal I never had any problems"

    I will appreciate if you can offer an opinion or advice on the matter

    I look forward to hear from you

    Kind Regards

    Hello, I am not a cabinet maker but I wanted to make my own stand for my 150 gallon tank. I really hate the one that it came with. It is getting damaged already and it is only 2 years old. In the post it is mentioned that a 2x4 is enough for a tank that is 48" wide. My 150g is 48" w * 24" d * 30" h. would the 2x4 be strong enough to not have a center brace in the front. I want to put a 40g breeder tank (36 1/4" w * 18 1/2" d * 17" h) as my refugium and was concerned that it would not fit. I also wanted to make the stand 36" tall. Any help would be appreciated. By the way I have the kreg jig for making pocket holes for the screws.


    Rudy B.
    Hey Rocket quick question ...? I saw a post you recommended a 2x8 post for top rail on a larger tank. I built mine with a double 2x6 top rail. It's a standard 220 gallon 72x24x30. Looking to have no center support. Would this be enough support for the front?
    Hi There, I've seen you provide some pretty impressive input on other stands in previous posts and I was wondering if I could get your opinion on something. I'm planning a cinder block/H-Beam stand for a 72x36x36 acrylic tank. I have three 6" x 12# beams which are 4 inches wide and 72 inches long which will run lengthwise and be supported at the ends by cinder block walls. I plan on the tank sitting on two 3/4" sheets of plywood. I'm wondering if I can lay the plywood directly on the beams or if I should construct a 2x4 wooden frame with bracing running perpendicular to the beams to provide more uniform support (frame would lay between plywood and H-Beams). I'm wondering if the two 12" unsupported gaps between the beams (albeit distributed by plywood) is an issue.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!

    I'm having a 280g tank built and delivered for me here in the near future and I've got a question with the design for the larger tank. The base of the tank is 72"x36" and 25" tall. I'm planning on using 2x8's for the top frame with one vertical support in the front and two in the back. Should that be sufficient?
    Question for you about making a stand with a bigger footprint than the tank. I am looking to get a 60 cube tank (24"^3) and I would like to make a 40"x24" or 48x24" stand. As long as I have support under the corners to the bottom of the stand should it be ok?
    Hi RocketEngineer! I am in the process of building my own stand for my 90 gallon tank. I was hoping you could help me with the plans. The tank is normal dimensions 48X18X24. I don't need a canopy. I'd like the stand to be a little taller than normal, say 31" tall. The aquarium will be in my living room so Id like it to have some nice trim and doors on it. Also a 1/2 thick oak plywood slab on top with trim that hides the front bottom of the aquarium and sides. If that makes sense haha. Thank you so much for your time!!
    So I am looking to create a stand of my own for my 55gallon reef tank and a 40 gallon tank for my bearded dragon, with space underneath for a sump, up to a 29 gallon tank, and supplies. I was thinking of using the template you posted for the sides of the stand and just to connect them in the center with something similar, so like three of your templates lined up, would this work?
    Looking for a simple 2x4 stand for a 125 gallon long. Nothing fancy as it is going to be an In wall tank framed out by drywall.

    Any help good sir?
    im building a stand for my 36 bowfront tank dimensions are 30lx15w20h approx 400lbs with water and rock in it thinking im going to build a stand thats 44lx22wx28h with 2x4s not sure what i should wrap it in and use for on top of the stand as the tank isnt going to rest on the structure of the surrounding 2x4s thinking 1/2 plywood but dont know if thats thick enough for the top trying to cut down on weight of it but was also thinking 3/4 is more like what i should be using and im planning on wrapping it with 1/4 in plywood also im going to be putting a 20 or 30 gallon sump under it currently only have a 10 gallon and its too small for a sump refug dont know if i really need a 30 or not....would i need 1/2 plywood for the bottom shelf for the sump or do i have to go with 3/4 and yes i do plan on putting atleast 2 braces on top and bottom to support the plywood possibly even 3 braces if needed please give any advice u can and if my ideas will work
    hey i had a question for you about the coast to coast overflow box. does it matter how wide it is? if i was to make one 1.5 to 2 inches would it impact performance?
    Hi, I saw a page with your stand build with all the sketch ups and was wondering if you could help me out with a stand build? I've never built one before but want to build one for my new tank.
    Hi there rocketengineer I was seeing if there any way I could ask you if you could draw up some planes for a stand and a canopy for me if that would be ok my tank is a 120 it's 48x24x24 and the canopy I would want to have the front come off for I can still do my water changes and the top to open up but I need to have my led light in there but I need the light to be 14" above the water and I'm going to put two fans in there some kind of way to blow in the tank to give it that ocean air and two or three Lil cooling fans to keep the light cool can you help me I seen some pictures of some stuff you did and I like. Thanks coby
    I am building your stand plan for my standard 90 Gal. Its my first time and yesterday I finished it and checked my levelness and checked the for the square by measuring the diagonal of the top . It was good, but I failed to check the bottom.
    On to my problem so I am getting ready to skin it using 1/2 inch birch ply and that when I noticed a problem.

    My top measures 18 1/8
    my bottom measures 18 (1/4 and 3/8 )

    So two questions I am afraid I'd to take it apart as I glued the heck out of it and put plenty of screws in it.

    Question #1 should I worry about it or leave it as is? Or do I flip it over so it is a tad closer to the footprint of the tank on top and have a slightly wider base?

    Question #2 is my stand that is roughly 18 1/4 - 3/8 wide that big of a concern seeing the tank is 18 wide. if so could I simply put another 2x4 inside the upper frame now to make a double width of the RED rails.

    Thanks Rocket
    hi i was looking at ur diy stand forum can you give me the measurements for a 57 rimless deep blue tank is 36x18x20 thank you so much where are you located by the way.
    I'm getting ready to start a 60 cube. 24x24x24. What would be the optimal height of the stand?
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