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    FS: 36" 2x250w + 2x39w Aqua Medic Oceanlight

    I have a brand new Aqua Medic Oceanlight for sale. It's the 36" 2x250w HQI + 2x39w T5 HO model. This fixture is brand new. It does not come with bulbs. We just cleaned out our garage and I found this little guy, and thought I should sell it. I'm flexible on the price, and I would prefer local...
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    Innovative Marine 92w Skkye Tablet LED Fixture, Black Body 14,000K Color

    I have an IM Skkye Tablet fixture that I would like to sell. It's the 14,000K color and it's super bright. This fixture was used for less than 1 month. I would like to get $350. I am open to reasonable offers, though. Here are some pictures of the fixture. Moonlights on: 14K LEDs on: PM...
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    Reef Pictures

    Nice Pics! I really like the xenia and GSP islands!
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    FS: JBJ 1/10hp chiller and some mh lighting

    Here are a couple pictures... DBA-075
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    FS: JBJ 1/10hp chiller and some mh lighting

    I've decided to sell off the last piece of equipment that I was saving for my next build. I have a JBJ 1/10HP Arctica chiller for sale. It's brand new never even been opened. (still has shrink wrap around the packaging) I paid close to $600 for this when I bought it, but I'm willing to let it...
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    FS: 28G Nanocube HQI and stand

    I was going to set this up but we just had a baby and I could really use the money. The tank is brand new. It's still in the box. The stand is also new but it looks like it got beat up during shipping (minor scratches on some of the pieces) $300 for the tank and stand PM me if you're interested
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    What 150w bulb to get?

    I had a radium and switched to the Phoenix 14k. You should give it a try. I think it looks more blue.
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    A ~19,000 Gallon Aquarium

    Any Updates?
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    Ot: fav places to eat--food--

    No shakes. Just burgers and fries
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    Ot: fav places to eat--food--

    Sabatinos in Newport beach is awesome Italian! Roma D'Italia in Tustin is great too!
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    Ot: fav places to eat--food--

    Buffalo Wild Wings Old Vine Cafe - Costa mesa (best breakfast ever!) Miguels / Miguels Jr. Tommy's Los Reyes Fitness Pizza I love food!
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    Ot new iPhone 4.0 update

    All you iphone haters make me laugh. Droid phones are junk!