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    Clearwater CW50

    Bump $200
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    Frag Tank Clean up - Porch Pick or Meet up

    Great stuff and seller Thank you
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    Frag Tank Clean up - Porch Pick or Meet up

    I would like to pick up a couple on montis from you. Available Saturday. Pm me your email or cellphone so we can set up a time Thank you
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    Clearwater CW50

    The 200 is up and running, so the 50 is ready to,go.
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    Clearwater CW50

    Cw50 Cw50 How about $225
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    Clearwater CW50

    So I got one of the free gifts from bulk reef supply, a Clearwater CW200 today. Yeah! But that means I don't need my CW50 anymore. It includes the pump and plumbing. Anyone interested? I am thinking $250 since it had to be repaired. On one side the of the bracket that holds the light broke in...
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    Selling a ton of turbo Snails

    I am interested in some
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    Frag Tank Clean up - Porch Pick or Meet up

    Montis Montis I am interested in some of the monti's
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    Tunnel power supply 6095.240

    I need a replace for this. Power supply and can't seem to find one. Where can I purchase it? Thank you
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    New 120G Deep Blue Build W/55G Sump

    I did the same 75 to 120 and was really happy with it.
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    Reefbreeders par 38 Fuge light

    I have a reefbreeders Fuge par 38 bulb and match gooseneck I don't need any more. It is about 4 years old. The gooseneck has some rust on the screw the mounts itt to the side of the Fuge. It works as it should. Simple on/off control. I am getting a new light which is the only reason I am selling...
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    Dropping price on 120 gallon to $150

    That a a crazy deal. It is a 5 ft 120 so a perfect tang tank. If I had room I would grab it.
  13. R (Don't waste your time)

    I’ve bought him and it was top notch.
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    Whats everyone think about Radions?

    I’ve recently upgraded from gen3’s with t5 supplement to gen 4 pros and couldn’t be happier. Of course I got them for $800 from someone shutting down. I wouldn’t have upgrade at full price.