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  • Rogergolf.. you commented on my post about coral in my tank. You mentioned "play" would be a good species. I am trying to research the corals and do my homework. I am not finding a coral that is play for short. Still new to corals and learning all the names. Is there a full name for that one? Or something else that it may be called?
    Hey Roger,

    I have a nice size breeding pair of Blood Red fire shrimp I'm thinking of selling. What do you think they might be worth?

    Hi Roger, Hey I'm going to start doing auto water changes on my 265(40 gallon sump) , using the DOS Apex system. How many gallons a day do u recommend that I change ?

    Thanks, Jim
    Hi I am Rob I also live in Spring Hill I am just getting back into reef tanks I had a 55 for year till I had a bad crash due to my home Ac I just set up a 29 biocube fully moded and I am thinking about selling my 55 that has been sitting dry for a few years and picking up a 140 or so for a inwall project that I have been dreaming about do you have any frags for sale ?
    Message, Part 2-See part I below...
    However, I do have one Strawberry Shortcake that has completely browned out and I don’t know if it will ever recover. At $100 purchase price, this is a sad, sad story.
    FAOIS in very interested in taking them but they are interested in trading/store credit. The problem is, I don’t need any more corals or live stock. My husband and I just bought a new business and we need all the funds we can get right now.
    Let me know if you have any interest in looking at my coral and assisting in the pricing. I have been looking at commercial sites like Live Aquaria, etc. and the prices on small frags there are astounding, if not ridiculous.
    If you are interested, I can give you something in return.
    I’m in Tarpon Springs.
    407 902 9878
    Dear Roger,
    You don’t know me but I’ve read a lot of your posts. You seem to know your stuff when it comes to corals. I have a 70 gallon SPS tank that I want to break down (downsize). I would like to sell my SPS but I have no idea on how much they are worth. If I send you some pictures, would you assist me in pricing them? I want to sell at a fair price. Some of the SPS colonies that I have are Hawkins Blue Echinata, Oregon Blue Tort, California Blue Tort. I also have a lot of Blue Stags – I like blue? Yup.
    We recently moved so a lot of my SPS are a little washed out. They are recovering nicely.
    Hey man, when would I be able to stop by? Im free before 4 on Saturday and I'm off Sunday so which ever works for u. Name is Thomas and my number is 813-326-8450
    O hey Roger, this is Freddie the one that came by and got the skimmer. I wanted to know how high the bubbles should go in the skimmer
    was wondering if you are still golfing and teaching if we can possible meet or what not and see if its something you have time for -Thanks look forward to hearing from you -Aaron Medina
    Hey Rodger Aaron from many moons ago im sure you remember me and all when i bought your equipment but hey glad to see your back in the hobby, i primarily was getting into contact with you because i know your an avid golfer. I since have picked up the game and work and play @ Emerald Greens in Carrollwood and have been looking to possibly get a few lessons
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